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The mining industry has had it easy for far too long — opinion

Industry and congressional opposition to altering the mining law have combined to make it maddeningly difficult to reform. This may be changing.

EPA chief recused from Bristol Bay mine his former law firm represented

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has promised to steer clear of matters involving the controversial Pebble Mine, which his former employer Faegre Baker Daniels LLP had represented.

US officials consider robots to prevent mine spills

Their main function would be to move through collapsing, rubble-strewn tunnels at mine sites to map them and analyze pollutants in groundwater.

UN urges miners to better regulations needed to prevent disasters

According to the UN Environment Program's latest report, most of the 40 significant mine waste accidents in the past decade have involved dams or other storage areas that failed.

Utah asks the EPA to pay $1.9 billion for mine-waste spill

The western U.S. state is asking the EPA to pay for the cost of cleanup and long-term maintenance of the San Juan River and Lake Powell

US Supreme Court rejects New Mexico’s suit against Colorado over mine spill

Court did not provide details about its decision to dismiss the case; it just said most magistrates opposed hearing the lawsuit.

EPA won't pay mine spill claims

The US Environmental Protection Agency won’t pay the $1.2 billion in claims filed by local governments, farmers, ranchers, tribes, and river-running raft companies.

EPA says Colorado mine spill equivalent to 4 to 7 days of ongoing acid drainage

In a final report, the agency acknowledges that concentrations of some metals at the Animas river following the spill were higher than historical mine drainage.

EPA’s proposed financial responsibility rule for miners a ‘job killer’ — industry

Norm aims at ensuring that hard-rock mining companies can pay the costs of cleaning up their mines, says EPA.

Nevada Mining Exploration battered by withdrawals, sage grouse, bonding hikes

When Nevada became a state in 1864, an estimated 60 million acres were available for mineral entry in Nevada, of that total 16 million acres have been withdrawn.

EPA adds Colorado gold mine to new Superfund pollution sites

Move comes thirteen months after an EPA crew mistake caused millions of gallons of bright orange wastewater to taint rivers in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

EPA’s Gold King mine explanations leave gaping holes

Not only did EPA workers inexplicably build a channel for draining mine waste, the agency crew opened up the mine without the proper equipment on-site that day.

EPA says Colorado mine spill dumped 880,000 pounds of metals into river

The report didn’t identify the metals but said researchers were looking at cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc.

EPA faces first lawsuit over Colorado mine spill

The state of New Mexico also plans to sue the owners of two Colorado mines that were the source of the massive spill.

Would the clean power plan work?

Report analyzes 14 scenarios for implementing the final Clean Power Plan announced by the EPA on August 3, 2015, with insights and constructive feedback from several utilities, trade associations and NGOs.

EPA mine spill could have been prevented, probe concludes

The accident would have been avoided had the EPA team checked on water levels inside the abandoned mine before digging into its collapsed and leaking entrance, says document.

Duke Energy, U.S. Gov't end 15-year-old Clean Air Act litigation

The company still denies the alleged violations, but has agreed to settle the case solely to avoid the costs and uncertainties of continued litigation, it said.

EPA under fire for failing to comply with mine spill probe

The Congress-led investigation aims to determine the agency’s role in triggering a 3-million-gallon toxic spill into Colorado’s Animas River on Aug. 5.

EPA knew cleaning up mine could trigger spill

The EPA was aware of the potential for a catastrophic release of toxic materials from an old Colorado gold mine but appears to have only had a cursory plan to deal with the threat.

EPA-triggered mine spill in Colorado triples in volume

About 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater, triple previous estimates, have poured from an old Colorado gold mine into local streams since Wednesday last week.

EPA’s blows it — causes massive mine wastewater spill at Colorado rivers

While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was investigating pollutants at an old gold mine, it accidentally released an estimated one million gallons of mining waste into a creek.

Alliant Energy to fork out over $7 million on cutting pollution from coal-fired power plants

Spending corresponds to a $1.1 million pollution fine and further $6 million on environmental mitigation projects.

Duke Energy pleads guilty to coal ash pollution charges, to pay $102 million

The U.S. largest electrical utility, has pleaded guilty to nine criminal violations of the Clean Water Act for polluting four major rivers with coal ash.

Seabed mining dreams shattered by New Zealand latest decision

The country's refusal of a deep sea mining venture off its coast has cast a shadow over the emerging mining practice.

Alpha to lay off 1,100 workers, mothball 11 coal mines in the US

The U.S. second largest coal producer blamed weak market conditions and increased government regulation for the decision.