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Failure to cut carbon emissions to cost the U.S. $150bn a year: report

The White House document concludes that the cost of mitigating the effects of climate change could rise by as much as 40%.

New Zealand rejects underwater iron mine

The company now has 15 days to appeal with the High Court.

New Zealand may approve underwater mine this week

Trans Tasman Resource project will vacuum iron-rich seafloor sands, to later extract the desired titano-magnetite for export to Asian steel mills.

Obama unveils historical attempt to curb coal power plants emissions

The controversial regulation, which some lawmakers already are trying to block, is one of the most sweeping efforts to tackle global warming by this or any other administration.

Scientists warn silver particles harmful for humans, wildlife

Silver days as one of the best allies of modern medicine may have its days counted.

Federal judge pushes EPA to finalize coal ash regulation

Regulation has been on the table but untouched since 2010.

EPA says its new rule won't have 'any notable' effect on CO2 emissions

Critics say Agency is trying to mask costs of implementation.