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Eric Sprott: We're looking for ways to survive '[the] counterfeiting of money'

'I don’t want to put words in everyone’s mouth but I would generally say we think of it as a ponzi scheme or as Rick Rule would call it, “counterfeiting of money.'

Eric Sprott sold 6m insider shares to throw Barkerville lifeline

Sprott extended $15 million loan to Barkerville which will use the money to keep operating and apply for reinstatement on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Get ready for ‘explosive’ gains in junior gold miners: Sprott

He sees prices for the precious metal reaching $2,400 per ounce by mid-2014.

Gold could surge past $1,920/oz high: Sprott

Billionaire investor and asset manager Eric Sprott says that the ruinous state of the global financial system and a shortage of physical gold could send prices for the precious metal surging past $1,920/oz. Sprott tells […]