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Asian gold-backed ETFs grow by nearly 10% in February -WGC

Asian-listed gold ETFs added 7.9 tonnes worth $318.1 million, an 8.3 percent increase from January.

GDX $25 breakout on earnings

The world’s leading gold-stock ETF is nearing a major upside breakout from key technical levels.

Frank Holmes: gold – if you’re not long, you will be wrong

Frank discusses Metcalfe’s law and how it applies to bitcoin.

What is an ETF?

How does it work? What are the pros and cons? A Visual Capitalist infographic explores ETFs.

What’s an investor to do in markets like these?

Stay calm and invest on, as I believe there is opportunity in picking up what the bears left behind.

SEC endorses JPMorgan copper ETF

The resolution makes it easier for the U.S. bank to launch its product.

Are ETFs really safe?

In an attempt to understand the relatively new but wildly popular Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Dr. Bogan did extensive research into the structures used by ETF operators, with a special focus on the potential risks that might arise should they be faced with large and sudden liquidations. Given that there are about 2,000 ETFs in existence, with assets totaling over $1 trillion, we thought it appropriate to find out what Dr. Bogan has learned in his research.

Silver and the impact of SLV, the physical-silver ETF

Silver’s massive autumn rally has utterly captivated speculators and investors, their appetite for all things silver is insatiable. Interestingly a major driver of this metal’s recent surge was stock-market buying of the flagship silver ETF, SLV. The larger and more popular this fund grows, the greater its ongoing impact on silver prices