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US aluminium tariffs; collateral damage and a missed target: Andy Home

Aluminium in particular shows why tariffs are such a poor trade weapon.

US allies hit back at Washington's steel, aluminum tariffs

The US on Thursday said it will impose tariffs on aluminum and steel imports from Canada, Mexico and the EU, reigniting fears of a global trade war.

EU financial transaction tax is illegal, say legal experts; Germany to push forward anyway

The UK, among others, strongly opposes the tax.

Gold to hit $5,000 as central banks rush to restock their coffers

"Global Gold War" set to ensue

Central bank gold is not in the vaults: Embry

Precious metals investment strategist John Embry says the physical gold in the vaults of central banks falls far short of what they claim to own in a "conspiracy which will make the Libor scandal pale […]

Iranian oil and gas hit with EU sanctions

The European Union announced on Tuesday the imposition of sanctions against state-owned Iranian oil and gas firms in response to Tehran's ongoing nuclear ambitions.

Upside for gold continues due to mindless monetary policies: Eveillard

Storied value investor Jean-Marie Eveillard says that the upside for gold will continue as long as the monetary polices of the world's central banks remain "mindless."