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Italy should use gold-backed bonds as an alternative to austerity: WGC

The strategy would be a more remedial answer for countries facing financial challenges than outright gold reserve sales, says the organization.

What if the gold megabulls are right?

The economic conditions that would precipitate the massive jump in the gold price that many of the megabulls are predicting could be horrendous, but perhaps the politicians can carry on muddling through and keep up perception that all is well.

Former Wall Street trader's comments on Europe has the financial community raving on Twitter

Nassim Taleb, a former Wall Street trader and author of the famous book “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable,” is being attacked this morning by the financial community in different social media outlets, mainly Twitter, after a Bloomberg article quoted him saying he favours investing in Europe over the U.S.

A little understanding goes a long way

As the world confronts one of the most critical periods of economic upheaval that it has ever seen, it is clear that our most influential economic stewards have absolutely no idea what they are doing.