Report: Worst is surely over for explorers

Frik Els | August 25, 2014
Report: Worst is surely over for explorers

Capital raising for exploration up more than 32%.

Global mining sector on the way up, but recovery still slow

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 29, 2014
Global mining sector on the way up, but recovery still slow

The industry’s aggregate market capitalization improved for the sixth month in a row in June, reaching $1.75 trillion, the highest level since January 2013.

Gold Standard Ventures consolidates Southern Carlin trend district

The Gold Report | May 21, 2014

Jon Awde, CEO of Gold Standard Ventures, discusses how spectacular drill results have guided Gold Standard Ventures to focus on creating the southernmost mining district of the Carlin trend—the Railroad/Pinion District.

Four tickets to ride with VMS Ventures

Shouldn’t be but a quarter or two before analyst coverage starts for VMS.

Tommy Humphreys

Canada re-vitalises diamond exploration 25 years on

Tommy Humphreys | April 23, 2014
News Snag

Canada’s newest diamond exploration company, Margaret Lake Diamonds Inc. commenced trading this morning on the TSX-Venture Exchange under the symbol DIA.

Travis McPherson - CEO.ca

Potential copper fortunes under cover next to Arizona’s largest open pits

Travis McPherson - CEO.ca | April 15, 2014

A recent tour of the Globe-Miami copper mining district between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona provided four natural resource writers with an appreciation of the massive scale of mining operations in the region.


Five development stocks to watch in Alaska and Northern Canada

Tickerscores.com | March 13, 2014

The Great White North and especially the Yukon were the “place to be” for juniors just a few short years ago.

Tommy Humphreys

On an African dog and pony show with mining mogul Robert Friedland

Tommy Humphreys | February 17, 2014
Ivanhoe raising C$150m in equity for Congo mines

The reality distortion field made famous by Steve Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson, is a personal intensity and vision so powerful it bends people to your will, convincing them of a project’s higher purpose.

Silver-Junior struggles

Silver junior struggles

Mining companies that are non-producers obviously don’t generate any revenue. They are junior-level companies in various stages of exploration and/or development. And they primarily rely on investor capital to fund their operations.

CHARTS: Investor confidence returning to the mining industry

Cecilia Jamasmie | November 26, 2013
CHARTS: Investor confidence returning to the mining industry

But based on the large numbers of juniors to begin 2014 with no funding, experts say the level of drilling activity could be the lowest in years.

Mongolia revokes 106 exploration licences

Frik Els | November 6, 2013
Mongolia revokes 106 exploration licences

Exploration companies operating in the Asian nation have become collateral damage in a criminal case involving former senior government employees at Mongolia's mining regulator.

Africa exploration activity set to more than halve in 2013

Frik Els | July 17, 2013
BSG wins battle in corruption probe over Simandou

Only 250 drill reports for the continent over the first five months.

CHARTS: What life remained in junior mining the gold price drop choked off

Frik Els | July 16, 2013
CHARTS: What life remained in junior mining the gold price drop choked off

The best indicator of the health of the global exploration sector has fallen to a record low.

Don Mosher: strangulation by regulation—is the venture exchange on its deathbed?

The Gold Report | March 25, 2013

Don Mosher, a business consultant with B&D Capital in Vancouver, is sounding the alarm. The TSX Venture Exchange, a once-thriving exchange for junior mining companies, is struggling.


Peak oil is almost here and there's no magic to counter it

Oilprice.com | March 6, 2013
north seas oil rig cnooc nexen deal

Interview with energy expert Dave Summers on why the coal industry's days aren't necessarily numbered and why new drilling techniques aren't enough to put peak oil off.

Toronto junior rockets 40% ahead of Turkey pre-feasibility

Frik Els | March 5, 2013
Toronto junior rockets 40% ahead of Turkey pre-feasibility

Aldridge Minerals is due to release a study on its gold and polymetallic deposit in central Turkey before the end of the month.

New report shows just what a disaster 2012 was for juniors

Frik Els | February 19, 2013
Meltdown for metals stocks

IPO and secondary market all but collapsed.

Exploration must eradicate poverty in India

MINING.com Editor | January 7, 2013

Natural resources are underutilized and could provide more opportunities


Shale Gas Will be the Next Bubble to Pop – An Interview with Arthur Berman

Oilprice.com | November 16, 2012

The "shale revolution" has been grabbing a great deal of headlines for some time now.

The original bottom fisher finds high risk and reward in Nevada

The Gold Report | October 1, 2012

Forget about juggling a basket of country risk in places like South Africa and South America.

The astounding rise of western rare earth extraction: Jack Lifton

The Critical Metals Report | September 18, 2012

Got a rare earth deposit? Great. Got a mine? Even better.

Something made a hole in Mars

Frik Els | July 20, 2012

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day this week gave an indication of how much there still is to explore just in our tiny corner of the universe. NASA says the hole was discovered by chance on images of the dusty …

Investments worth their weight in graphite: Glen Jones

The Critical Metals Report | June 26, 2012

Graphite is the "it" metal of the moment, but as an investment space it remains largely misunderstood.

Niogold Mining Corp.

McWatters Mines acquired two major assets in the Val-d’Or/Malartic area from Placer Dome – the Sigma Mine and the Kiena Mine Complex.

Major Drilling reports record annual and quarterly revenue


"Looking forward, the demand for drilling services from the senior mining houses continues to be strong."

China mulling undersea mineral exploration

MINING.com Editor | May 30, 2012
China map on blue rays

China could take a page out of Nautilus Minerals' playbook and begin exploring for undersea polymetallic sulphide deposits.

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