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Extract Resources calls shareholders to "take no action" regarding Chinese takeover bid

Australia's Extract Resources Ltd., owner of the world’s fourth-largest uranium deposit, advised shareholders to take no action regarding the $2.2 billion takeover bid from Chinese nuclear fuels supplier Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp (CGNPC).

Extract confident Husab uranium project will be unaffected by policy changes

Extract Resources said on Monday it was confident that the Namibian government's proposed policy changes on strategic minerals will not affect its Husab uranium project license. The Namibian government is expected to hold a news conference this week to clarify plans to assign almost all mining and exploration rights to a state-owned company.

GRD Minproc awarded contract for Extract Resources Rossing South Uranium Project

Engineering and project delivery company GRD Minproc, a subsidiary of GRD Limited, will conduct the feasibility study for Extract Resources Rossing South Uranium Project in Namibia….more at MEIOnline