Exxon Mobil Corp Mining News

Imperial Oil begins production at Kearl oil sands as expansion completed early

Production is expected to reach 110,000 barrels per day, bringing total production to 220,000 barrels per day.

Mackenzie Gas Project delay continues as costs increase 40%

Total price tag at $18.82 billion.

Oil sands junior spreads the word on Warren Buffett's love for the crude

Perhaps looking to take advantage of Buffett's loyal following, oil sands junior Strata Oil & Gas, released a statement on Thursday to spread the word about Buffett's Exxon buy.

Shareholders ask for disclosure on ExxonMobil's oil sands investments

Green Century Capital Management filed a shareholder resolution with ExxonMobil to disclose information about its investments in Canadian oil sands, Triple Pundit reported on Thursday. By the end of last year, ExxonMobil’s total proved reserves in the oil sands were over 2.78bn barrels — just over 11% of the company’s total proved reserves, according to a press release by Green Century. Canada’s oil sands which is expected to become the primary source of crude to the US have attracted intense scrutiny in recent days as the US Congress heard submissions about the extension of the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to Texas.