INFOGRAPHIC: Gold price – a seismograph of supply and demand

TRUSTABLE | April 16, 2014

What drives the price development in the long run?

Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital

Investors ignore frightful geopolitics

When the former Soviet Union collapsed almost 25 years ago, most global strategic forecasters assumed that the U.S. would adapt pragmatically to her new status of sole world superpower.

Economies stalling

GoldMoney | April 17, 2014

It wasn’t meant to be like this: six years of global money-printing should have guaranteed economic recovery.

Three variables to consider before investing in gold

Daily Gains Letter | April 16, 2014

While there continue to be many gold bugs out there, I’m not one of them—but I do see gold as a trading opportunity.

Ryan Jordan - Silver News Blog

The invincible precious metal bears

Gold price: Hedge funds increase bearish bets again

A year ago today saw one of the largest declines in COMEX gold and silver futures in the last several decades.

Three key metrics to identify a superstar investment

The Mining Report | April 16, 2014

Etienne Moshevich, editor of, looks at three things before he decides to get excited about a company: people, projects and structure.

Does the gold price reflect true gold demand and supply?

Despite the furore surrounding the Gold Fix [unfairly, we believe] it is a singularly determined attempt amongst commodities to set a twice daily price that does reflect demand and supply of gold, at those moments.

Jordan Roy-Byrne - The Daily Gold

More weakness ahead for precious metals

Be on alert as the short-term trend for precious metals (especially the miners) could resume to the downside.

Gold preparing to launch as US dollar drops to key support

Gold Stock Bull | April 12, 2014

Gold bugs have been forecasting a dollar collapse for years. They have been correct about the gold price, which has advanced nearly 400% in the past 12 years versus a gain of just 64% for the S&P 500.

GDX gold-stock benchmark

Nearing its eighth birthday, GDX has even usurped the venerable HUI gold-stock index as this sector’s metric of choice in many circles.

Former JPMorgan commodities chief under federal probe

Cecilia Jamasmie | April 11, 2014
Former JPMorgan commodities chief under federal probe

The probe was opened following a settlement with regulators that alleged JPMorgan manipulated power markets in the Midwest and California.

Eric Coffin of HRA Advisories

Traders resolve tested

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the market the gold price and junior resource stocks drop and nervous traders declare the sky is falling yet again.

Are you prepared for a Bull Market that will shock even the most ardent goldbugs?

The Gold Report | April 9, 2014
Hands presenting gold bricks mining

Gold juniors with cash and good projects are trading at tiny fractions of their worth.

Considering dumping stocks? Why you should reconsider

Daily Gains Letter | April 9, 2014

After the year we had in 2013 and the fact that the bull stock market is in its fifth year and devoid of a major question despite the advance, it would not be a surprise to see some selling.

Final bubble phase for the stock market: final capitulation for gold

Gold Scents | April 8, 2014
gold vault 333 fed res wiki

We've had so many calls for a crash over the last year that you just know the bears are salivating right now thinking they are finally going to get their wish.

Frank Holmes - U.S. Global Investors

What’s abuzz about gold?

The mission of the Asia Mining Club is to promote education among its members, and one way to achieve this is by hearing from experts in the financial markets, notably those focused on resources and commodities.

My bet that the bud biz is a bitty bubble and not the next big thing

The Mercenary Geologist | April 7, 2014

It’s deja vu all over again and it was kick-started a couple of trading days before PDAC.

Gold-Stock Golden Cross

The gold-mining sector is on the verge of flashing the fabled Golden Cross buy signal.

JPMorgan gets $3.5bn after Mercuria buys its commodities unit

Cecilia Jamasmie | March 19, 2014
JPMorgan gets $3.5bn after Mercuria buys its commodities unit

Deal places European trader among world’s top commodity titans.

Why gold looks better than the S&P: Marc Faber, PhD

Sprott Group | March 7, 2014
Why gold looks better

Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report, and a Director of Sprott Inc. shared his most recent views during a recent visit to our offices… In particular, he’s seeing cracks in the broad stock market become apparent:

Two precious metal plays for waning consumer confidence

Daily Gains Letter | February 27, 2014

Against a backdrop of record-highs for stocks, consumer confidence is waning—seeing its greatest drop in four months.

Benjamin Asuncion and Geordie Mark: six gold and silver leaders at today's prices

The Gold Report | February 24, 2014

Benjamin Asuncion and Geordie Mark of Haywood Securities forecast 2014 gold and silver prices of $1,300/ounce and $21.50/ounce, respectively.

As investors grow more skeptical toward stocks, time to move to safe haven ETFs?

Daily Gains Letter | February 20, 2014

We see there’s a significant amount of economic news mounting against the argument that key stock indices will go higher this year.

What to consider before investing in these two lesser-known precious metals

Daily Gains Letter | February 19, 2014

Taking a look at the precious metals market, over the past couple of months, there has been an increasing number of signals leading me to conclude that there is a good probability that precious metals will move up in price in 2014.

Why I recently turned bullish on gold mining stocks

Daily Gains Letter | February 15, 2014

Over the past couple of months, if you’ve been following my articles, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve started to become quite bullish on gold mining stocks.

Gold-Stock breakout 2

Adam Hamilton - Zeal Intelligence | February 14, 2014

Gold stocks just surged to a major technical breakout, a very bullish omen.

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