Low metal prices put chill on global mineral exploration

Cecilia Jamasmie | September 24, 2014
Low metal prices put chill on global mineral exploration

Fresh data suggests it is still too early to celebrate a recovery in the sector.

Jay Taylor urges investors to stay liquid for the coming gold boom

The Gold Report | September 29, 2014
What’s next for gold?

Jay Taylor doesn't beat around the bush—he believes the price of gold is being suppressed to support the U.S. dollar and underwrite American foreign policy.

$1200 for gold underpinned by physical demand

GoldMoney | September 28, 2014

This week saw gold rally $15 to $1233 on Tuesday before sliding to $1207 yesterday morning, then rallying in the afternoon.

Valuing gold and turkey farming

GoldMoney | September 26, 2014

Today’s financial markets are built on the sand of unsound currencies.

Despite growing risks it's still Janet Yellen's market

The current stock market is earning a deserved reputation as being coated in Teflon. Bad or disappointing news just doesn't appear to stick, and has done nothing to slow the market's upward trajectory.

Will Canadian regulators be able to avoid the final fatal crash of the TSX Venture Exchange?

Dr. Volkmar Hable | September 2, 2014

The last 3 years have seen a meltdown in the TSX-V share values that brought it right back to where it started almost 10 years ago.

How is Doug Casey preparing for a crisis worse than 2008?

The Mining Report | September 2, 2014
doug casey 333

He and his fellow millionaires are getting back to basics.

Gold: The thin end of the wedge

Bob Kirtley - | September 2, 2014

Gold had a horrendous year in 2013 disappointing many of its supporters; however, 2014 started brightly bringing with it much hope for an attempt at achieving new record highs.

Gold seasonality chart points to strong gains Sept through February

Gold Stock Bull | September 2, 2014

The month of September has historically been the strongest for precious metals. Since the start of the current bull market, gold has averaged a gain of 2.6% during the month of September.

CFR recommends policy shift that is very bullish for gold

Gold Stock Bull | August 27, 2014

The “Foreign Affaird” publication of the influential and policy-setting Council of Foreign Relations made an announcement that could have huge ramifications for monetary policy going forward.

Will there be a ‘New Gold Rush?’ — Ian Gordon, Longwave Analytics

Sprott Group | August 26, 2014

Ian Gordon created Longwave Analytics, which studies the Longwave principle, by which economies obey long-term cyclical trends of expansion and contraction.

The game of politics and why it is imperative to hold gold and silver

David Levenstein | August 26, 2014

We are experiencing some very strange times. People are turning on one another over everything from race and religion to socio-economic status. Governments are waging wars against not just foreign governments, but their own citizens resulting in standoffs in suburban streets!

Michael Fowler: Juniors and midtiers poised for M&A-fueled breakout once gold recovers

The Gold Report | August 25, 2014
Juniors and Midtiers Poised for M&A-Fueled Breakout Once Gold Recovers

Michael Fowler, senior mining analyst with Toronto-based Loewen, Ondaatje & McCutcheon, says majors need development-stage companies with high-grade, near-term production assets

Inflation, interest rates, and why you should own gold

The Sovereign Investor | August 21, 2014

The question: What is the best investment to own today as the Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates?

The great divide: Inequality in gold juniors means opportunity

the great divide inequality in gold juniors means opportunity feat

"We’ve reached a new level of separation between the wheat and the chaff."

Is a rout in junior mining equities still coming? Rick Rule

Sprott Group | August 13, 2014
Is a rout in junior mining equities still coming

"Speculators need to be cognizant of the fact that 50 or 60 percent of the companies in the junior resource sector are non-viable."

Who needs Russia? Ukraine will destroy itself with new gas tax | August 12, 2014
Ukraine will destroy itself with new gas tax

Tax promises to cripple new energy sector investment.

Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Precious Metals

Argentina's Default: A devastating lesson in unfunded government liabilities

Argentina's Default

The inability for governments to pay back debt spells economic disaster.

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin a modern gold rush?

Visual Capitalist | August 6, 2014
INFOGRAPHIC Bitcoin a modern gold rush feat

Instead of shovels and buckets, these miners use computers and cryptography.

Global mining sector on the way up, but recovery still slow

Cecilia Jamasmie | July 29, 2014
Global mining sector on the way up, but recovery still slow

The industry’s aggregate market capitalization improved for the sixth month in a row in June, reaching $1.75 trillion, the highest level since January 2013.

Visual Capitalist

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin Vs. Gold

Visual Capitalist | June 30, 2014
Gold vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin has grown wildly in popularity in its short history. But how does it stack up against gold, the international currency for thousands of years? Find out in today's post!

Visual Capitalist

INFOGRAPHIC: The evolution of US currency

Visual Capitalist | June 24, 2014
INFOGRAPHIC The evolution of US currency

Take a look at today's infographic and learn about the evolution of American Currency.

Visual Capitalist

INFOGRAPHIC: The hedge fund all-stars

Visual Capitalist | June 17, 2014
The hedge fund all-stars

The NBA Finals may be over, but that doesn't mean there aren't any other All-Stars out there making big moves. Today's post highlights the top performing Hedge Fund Managers in the world.

Mark Skousen: new official stat is ‘supply-side’ victory

Sprott Group | June 13, 2014

In Structure, Skousen makes the case that modern economists downplay the importance of the business sector in the economy, and overstate the importance of consumer spending. In particular, he believes that the GDP should not be used as a sole measure of economic activity.

Visual Capitalist

INFOGRAPHIC: 50 interesting bitcoin facts

Visual Capitalist | June 11, 2014

In previous infographics, we have covered bitcoin's history and how it works, but here is an infographic that quickly sums up 50 interesting facts on the cryptocurrency:

A bear raid on gold – Is that about to happen?

Gold price: Hedge funds increase bearish bets again

After some considerable selling of gold from the SPDR gold Exchange Traded Fund in the preceding months, early in 2013, Goldman Sachs came out with a warning that the gold price was going to fall and fall heavily.

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