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Gold shows solid performance in July

The precious metal is on course for a 2.1 per cent rise this month

The Drivers of Innovation in the Mining Sector

At the height of the downturn in 2014 depressed commodity prices threatened corporate profits, impelled mine closures, put shareholder returns in peril and undermined capital budgets. This combined with decreasing ore grades, deeper deposits and […]

Another banking crisis begins?

Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony, co-founders of Seabridge Gold, discuss Deutsche Bank's latest movements and what a bailout could look like.

How much money have humans created?

People have created so much currency that it is almost hard to believe. Millions, billions, trillions... the numbers are so big that it is hard to picture. Today's video for The Money Project puts it all in context - and it's a must-watch.

Inflation Deniers Emboldened by Gold's Struggles

The vultures are circling. Precious metals bulls, laid flat by gold and silver prices dropping for the 5th week in a row, are watching deflationists such as Harry Dent and the financial media squawk about […]

Is Gold a Stupid "Pet Rock" or a Bedrock Asset?

Greece defaulted at the end of June, and metals investors expected higher prices in July. What we expected isn’t what we got. It isn’t the first or last time markets surprised investors. Do lower spot […]

Life coming back to the global exploration sector

After five consecutive months of decline, global mining exploration began showing signs of life in March, particularly in the gold sector, a new report shows.

Poor market conditions put major chill on global exploration

Global exploration spending dropped 26% in last year, compared with 2013, as several juniors threw in the towel and producing miners slammed the brakes on capital and exploration expenditure.

Global economy: why it’s a year-end “mess”

The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell 185 points on Tuesday, prior to rallying to cut its loss—but this was followed by a 170-point intraday decline on Wednesday.

London calling: mines and money 2014 recap

“Anybody who says that the super-cycle is over is an idiot, it’s just been deferred for a little bit”, mining tycoon Robert Friedland told a packed audience in London last week.

Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri say gold will regain its shine in 2015

Money managers Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri of Greystone Asset Management say that if we haven't seen the bottom, we will soon.

VIDEO: Axel Merk, Peter Schiff discuss contrarian investing

Merk, a one-time Swiss resident, also provides insight into the Swiss Gold Initiative at the end of November.

Rocks to riches with Thomas Schuster

The key to finding gold is understanding the rocks. Thomas Schuster is a geologist and mining analyst with a deep understanding of where the gold hides.

It's the economy, and they're not stupid

The sharp rebuke to the Obama administration delivered by the mid-term elections should not be construed as an endorsement of the GOP, which remains as unpopular as ever.

JPMorgan not leaving physical commodities: report

The U.S. largest bank still plans to perform"traditional” activities in commodities such as financing, hedging, trading warrants on the London Metal Exchange and the vaulting of precious metals.

INFOGRAPHIC: a history of notable stock bubbles

Asset bubbles go as far back as finance and speculation themselves. In the past, there have been bubbles in everything from tulips to railroads that have made or broke fortunes.

Citibank acquires Deutsche commodities trading book

Tough regulations and worries about reputation have made trading commodities a source of worries for bank bosses.

Gold benefits from market uncertainty

After a prolonged period of low volatility as funds invested in ever-greater risk, markets have snapped and volatility has jumped.

Governments need inflation, economies don't

In an article in the UK's Telegraph on October 10, veteran economic correspondent Ambrose Evans-Pritchard laid bare the essential truth of the nearly universal current embrace of inflation as an economic panacea.

Catalyst check: natural resources watchlist at three months

In June the Gold Report Publisher, Jason Mallin, asked a panel of experts picking a portfolio of stocks with upside potential for the 2014 Streetwise Reports Natural Resources Watchlist. Here's the result.

The sound money business: four years past and future forecast

I have reason to believe that over the next four years, gold and silver investors will witness shocking macroeconomic events that put to rest any doubts about the importance of having sound money in every portfolio.

INFOGRAPHIC: The history of currency in 10 different countries

There are almost 200 fiat currencies today. Here is a quick snapshot of ten significant countries and their history with currency.

Economic atonement

Increasingly, economists are calling the tune to which businesses and consumers dance.

Demand for physical gold remains strong as bullion banks suppress prices.

September has been a poor month for precious metals. Gold is down 5.2%, despite it being gold’s strongest month from a seasonal perspective.

Jay Taylor urges investors to stay liquid for the coming gold boom

Jay Taylor doesn't beat around the bush—he believes the price of gold is being suppressed to support the U.S. dollar and underwrite American foreign policy.