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A bear raid on gold – Is that about to happen?

After some considerable selling of gold from the SPDR gold Exchange Traded Fund in the preceding months, early in 2013, Goldman Sachs came out with a warning that the gold price was going to fall and fall heavily.

Potential catalyst for precious metals

Precious Metals continue to be in a long bottoming process that began last summer.

Firmer tone for gold and silver

This week started with a severe markdown in gold and silver prices when markets opened in the Far East on Monday morning, taking gold down $12 to $1278 and silver only 12 cents to $19.03.

Gold prices: the coming end to this bear phase

Many believe that the bottom is now in and the bull has resumed charge, with the bears being exhausted. We would like to agree with them but we are still of the opinion that a challenge to the June lows could still lie ahead of us.

Geopolitical tensions particularly in Ukraine continue to dominate the gold market

Despite a mainly negative sentiment towards gold from investors as evidenced in the continued liquidation in gold-backed exchange-traded funds amid signs of an improving U.S. economy, the crisis in Ukraine has prompted in recent safe-haven buying which helped boost the price of gold to three-week highs above $1,300 an ounce.

The investment story of the next decade?

In spite of the debate over whether Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, is good or bad for the nation’s healthcare sector, what I do know is that the additional policies will likely drive up the demand for healthcare services and products as an investment opportunity.

Bipolar Markets

Another period of sideways, with a few sharp turns along the way to keep traders on their toes. We basically stand where we were a month ago and we’re still waiting to see if we get a spring rally in resource stocks that lifts us above the March high for the Venture index.

Hedge funds are still not buying gold: should you too?

Billionaire John Paulson once told a source connected with Bloomberg he would not funnel more investments into his gold fund.

The gold price is fixed. So what?

The LIBOR scandal broke almost two years ago, and the banks found responsible for manipulating that key index are still dealing with lawsuits. Meanwhile, allegations of gold market manipulation have been simmering for over a decade and grew into an inferno after the spot price dropped dramatically last spring.

Dying for gold? This man almost did

This is just one of the many ways smugglers are bringing gold bullion into India. In this particular case, this man was willing to die for gold!

What the collapse in homebuilder stocks forewarns

The housing market that lured institutional investors in during 2012 and 2013 is showing signs of cracking.

Stocks bubble phase: gold capitulation follow up

For stocks it still remains to be seen whether or not they have one more surge higher into a final top.

U.S. economy to enter recession in next 12 months or less

An economy is said to be technically in a recession when it experiences two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

Gold-futures selloff wanes

Gold’s sharp selloffs since mid-March have been mostly driven by American futures speculators’ heavy selling. These traders dramatically slashed their long bets on gold while ramping up their shorts.

Success in junior miners – the Malartic and Eleonore deposits

Steve Todoruk joined Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. as an Investment Executive in 2003. He focuses on investing in new discoveries – companies that have identified promising deposits that may prove to be economic.

Prepared for the attack of the short sellers: Joe Reagor

Despite the ongoing attack of the short-sellers, the fundamentals of gold and silver production are increasingly robust.

The battle for Osisko Mining: a good sign for the gold mining sector?

Steve Todoruk, an Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., said last year that big miners were the key to a rebound in natural resource stocks.

Gold & silver stocks begin oversold bounce

The bottoming process for gold and silver shares has been arduous as they’ve oscillated back and forth for almost a year.

Why Rick Rule says ‘anti-gold investors will be destroyed’

Gold has made its way down again, to around 1,300 per ounce this month. Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. says that a few years out, you will be happy you stuck with gold.

Willem Middelkoop and Terence van der Hout: turnaround stories revolve around proven management

Van der Hout and Middelkoop tell The Gold Report that by focusing on producers, near-producers and turnaround stories, they plan to capitalize on the opportunities in North America, Africa and beyond.

Dubai emerges as a global gold centre as demand for bullion continues despite bearish reports from most western analysts

Even though the price of gold has fallen below the psychological level of $1330 an ounce, and while the mainstream media continues with its consistently negative coverage, demand for physical gold remains extremely robust in certain regions.

Barclays is the next big bank pulling out of commodities: report

The English bank is planning to sell large parts of its metals, agricultural and energy business.

Video: How to momentum trade gold, silver stocks

Long and short-term gold forecasts.

Economic outlook darkens

Many decades of Keynesian-inspired economic and monetary corruption have left advanced economies with a legacy of debt and low savings.

Investors ignore frightful geopolitics

When the former Soviet Union collapsed almost 25 years ago, most global strategic forecasters assumed that the U.S. would adapt pragmatically to her new status of sole world superpower.