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What to consider before investing in these two lesser-known precious metals

Taking a look at the precious metals market, over the past couple of months, there has been an increasing number of signals leading me to conclude that there is a good probability that precious metals will move up in price in 2014.

Why I recently turned bullish on gold mining stocks

Over the past couple of months, if you’ve been following my articles, you’ve likely noticed that I’ve started to become quite bullish on gold mining stocks.

Gold-Stock breakout 2

Gold stocks just surged to a major technical breakout, a very bullish omen.

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place

My overarching driver for the Great Inflation scenario is that the dollar would have some kind of crisis, or semi-crisis late this year as it drops down into its major three year cycle low. All other stock and commodity movements will be driven by this impending currency crisis.

China’s Gold Demand

There are very few figures coming out of China that you can rely upon, and this is particularly true of gold imports.

Falling gold prices forcing companies to recalculate reserves

A 15% year-on-year drop in the average annual gold price in 2013 is forcing gold producers to revise the prices they use to identify ores that are profitable to mine,

If there ever was a “Buy Low, Sell High” play, this is it

When it comes to investing, history has taught us one very important lesson: ideal buying opportunities are formed when there’s significant pessimism towards an investment.

JP Morgan about to close sale of $3.3bn commodities business with Mercuria

Swiss Mercuria, founded in 2004, has become the front-runner to buy the physical commodities unit of JPMorgan.

Emerging markets, interest rates and tapering

Thanks to the Fed’s tapering, a wider public is becoming aware of currency instability in diverse economies, from Turkey to Argentina, and India to Indonesia.

Silver-Junior struggles

Mining companies that are non-producers obviously don’t generate any revenue. They are junior-level companies in various stages of exploration and/or development. And they primarily rely on investor capital to fund their operations.

Laundromat banks too big to fail

Money laundering is the process by which illegally obtained cash is made to appear as if it has been obtained by legal means.

Gold stocks upswing could continue, says Eric Angeli

This could be the ‘bifurcation’ point that we have been looking for, says Eric Angeli, an Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.

Why gold stocks are leading gold

At the start of the year we asserted that the mining equities could lead the metals higher. Since then, the shares have roared higher while the metals have remained subdued.

Gold bottoming

Gold is bottoming, showing incredible resilience over the past 7 months. After suffering an epic plunge in last year’s second quarter, gold has held its ground ever since.

The four biggest mistakes by traders: Failing to control risk

This is part three of a five part series of the four biggest mistakes traders and investors make which costs them time, money and usually self-confidence when trading stocks, ETF’s or futures trading strategies.

Bear market bottoms: Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities

Opportunities are found at bear market bottoms. For those emotionally capable of going against the herd, buying a bear market bottom is where the really big money is made.

Rick Rule says gold, natural resources drivers intact

As Rick explains, bear markets provide the upside that contrarian investors should seek.

Billionaire Eric Sprott: '[When] the data says hold your ground—you hold your ground. Normally there’s a big payday at the end'

During a time of widespread investor desertion of the precious metals and natural resource space, Eric Sprott, CEO of Sprott Asset Management shares his thoughts.

This 50-year chart shows how cheap gold now is relative to stocks

Plotting gold against the S&P 500 from 1964, the price has to climb by $400 to return to the historical norm. Either that or stocks could be in for beating.

Fear index hits multiyear low; are Investors Too Comfortable?

The reality is that both traders and investors appear to be really comfortable at this moment with the record-high levels in the stock market.

The best and worst investment strategies to battle coming inflation

he S&P 500 may be entering bubble-like territory: that’s what I’ve been writing for the past few months.

What a phone call from my Aunt told me about the stock market

I continue to watch the stock market with skepticism.

The eastern lust for gold

Having replaced savings with debt on both the national and individual levels, I think it's well past time for Westerners to take a few lessons from our creditors in the East.

Avoid regret: accumulate gold bullion now

There are many ways to try to get a handle on where the market is currently trading and what’s likely to come.

The next black swan: a dollar crisis

Does anyone seriously think that we can print trillions of dollars out of thin air for five years and not eventually have something bad happen?