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David H. Smith: prepare for precious metals to lift off

David H. Smith, senior analyst at The Morgan Report, says that smart investors will take care to cull the weakest mining stocks from their portfolios and reinvest the proceeds in truly undervalued companies.

Gold mining executives: “You have to be able to survive the lows in order to reap the benefit of the highs”

Despite following gold down over the last two years in terms of share-pricing, Gold Resource Corp. has avoided most internal pains suffered by mining companies during this ongoing bear market.

The one thing I'm so thankful for as an investor

I am so thankful that buy-and-hold investing still works.

The HUI has penetrated its June lows, gold and silver to follow

The June low for the gold mining sector was believed to the bottom for gold miners and as such presented a buying opportunity for the precious metals community.

CHARTS: Investor confidence returning to the mining industry

But based on the large numbers of juniors to begin 2014 with no funding, experts say the level of drilling activity could be the lowest in years.

Eric Muschinski: investor psychology can trump market fundamentals

With gold and silver equities markets as volatile as ever and assets of many miners valued at pennies on the dollar, Eric Muschinski, editor of the Gold Investment Letter, believes being on the right side of the emotional curve when investing is critical.

Vaults are booming! (in Asia)

Gold, silver and collectibles are pouring into Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, jurisdictions that now offer some of the most exclusive gold and silver vault options in the world

Rising number of Americans see China as dominant world power in 2020

Investors would be wise to consider investing in Chinese stocks at this time.

Stock market warning: margin debt hits record-high $401 billion

An increase in margin debt is really a story of investor sentiment.

Gold-futures buying returns

Heavy and relentless selling by American futures speculators has been one of the primary drivers of gold’s horrendous year.

UPDATE: North Arrow finds diamonds, closes financing

North Arrow's discovery catapulted its stock by more than 50% on Tuesday affording shareholders in a private placement that closed Friday a tidy paper profit.

Why the gold price and stock markets are disconnecting

While the stock market continues to set record highs in the US, gold is headed for its first annual loss in 13 years.

China's tentacles grip world – Gold Miners Weekly

Its long tentacles can reach out in any direction, grasping its prey in an inescapable vice-like grip.

Five-year Bull Market run showing signs of fading?

A soft jobs reading came out last Tuesday, and the stock market…soared?

How to invest in this fundamentally broken economy

Well, the latest numbers related to job creation were recently released and to no one’s surprise, they were worse than expected.

Time to sit on the sidelines

My best guess continues to be that stocks will extend this consolidation on Friday and then deliver one more push higher into the FOMC meeting next week.

What the world's smartest bankers know about 'unmitigated currency creation'

Gold is ultimately the best protection against the worst case scenarios of unmitigated currency creation.

Three essentials to look for in Junior Mining equities: Derek Macpherson

Underappreciated companies and companies with management teams that have disappointed in the past can be opportunities to buy, not sell, says Derek Macpherson of M Partners.

More good news for Barrick Gold shareholders

World's number one producer is upgraded for "reasonably strong" operating results despite falling gold price.

Exclusive interview with Ron Paul: Gold, dollar, debt ceiling and the Fed

The longer QE lasts, the worse the correction will be when eventually people give up on our dollar and give up on our debt.

Mad scramble for gold stocks

Investors believing gold shares have been oversold were piling back into the sector affording some counters double digit gains.

The worst is not over: Gold to hit four-year low, forecasters say

Precious metals analysts predict gold will hit average of $1,175.

Buyers line up for JPMorgan’s $3.3bn commodity unit

The bank is willing to sell the business to one customer or break it down into various divisions.

Brazil gold pour too late for cash-strapped Carpathian

Shares in Toronto-based explorer down a third after delays of initial gold production at its Brazil project prompts it to pursue "strategic alternatives."

Clive Maund: The mining sector resembles a Somme Battlefield

The prolonged naked shorting of precious metals stocks has been immensely destructive to the sector and has left a battlefield littered with corpses.