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How does top resource fund manager Brian Ostroff invest in domestic peace of mind? Two words: gold and phosphate

When you're talking about commodities, you're not talking about a basket that will all go in the same direction.

$100bn in private equity stalking mining assets

It may be too early for private equity players to gobble up juniors or put together mega-deals, but mid-tier miners may have new investors knocking on their doors.

Search for speculative Juniors with the potential to soar: Michael Curran

Investors should pay particular attention to speculative plays with modest potential downsides and exciting potential upsides.

Fifty shades of gold

An additional “shade” investors need to be aware of is how the Fed interprets the recovery of the U.S. economy.

Look beyond gold for compelling risk/reward ratios: Michael Curran

Diversify, diversify, diversify—that's Michael Curran's advice for metals investors.

Fed unleashes gold

The Federal Reserve shocked the financial world last week, defying universal expectations.

St. Louis Fed drags down gold

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard says tapering may start next month.

Brent Cook: Do NI 43-101s provide a false sense of security?

As companies deplete higher grade reserves, they have to acquire new deposits. But unless you are a geologist, don't look to NI 43-101s to always give you reliable information about the quality of a resource.

Summers drops out of Fed race. Gold jumps 2%

Janet Yellen, now the clear frontrunner, is considered the main architect of the Fed's quantitative easing program under which gold has gained 60%.

Regulating the Bitcoin

US lawmakers mull over if and how to regulate the cryptocurrency.

China loves West’s 99 fine

According to Bloomberg, whose calculations were based on Hong Kong customs data, net gold imports into China more than doubled in the first half of 2013 to 493 metric tons, up from roughly 239 tons […]

Gold production decline imminent

Gold’s precipitous decline in the first half of 2013 sent shockwaves throughout the entire mining industry

Lynn: Syria, emerging market crisis will stop the taper

Good news for the gold price.

PIMCO says first Fed rate hike may not happen till 2016

Should boost gold versus the dollar.

Investors pour into gold stocks: Barrick gains $7bn in 7 weeks

Gold stocks enjoy another Friday rally as price nears $1,400.

Ron Paul discusses Bitcoins, the US Fed and Tesla Motors

Congressman Paul answers Redditors' questions in an 'Ask Me Anything' session.

Miners, metals rally as global manufacturing recovery picks up pace

Europe's industrial activity climbs to more than two-year high, US recovery gathers steam and China serves up huge surprise.

Carpathian Gold deal shows how every drop is squeezed out of juniors

Production is imminent at Toronto explorer's Brazil mine, but it has to offer deep discount to raise final $19 million.

5 reasons China is coming to buy your gold mine

Chinese gold miners have spent a record $2.2 billion this year on foreign gold assets.

Glasenberg writes off $8 billion. Yawn

9 reasons why Glencore-Xstrata's eye-watering impairments are nothing to lose sleep about.

GLD exodus reversal

The flagship GLD gold ETF has suffered a radically unprecedented mass exodus this year.

Warren Buffett is betting on oil sands

Berkshire Hathaway sets two-year record for stock purchases.

Shanghai surprise

China now has four of the world’s ten biggest banks.

Is this the cheapest you will see precious metal and miners in your lifetime?

Buy straw hats in winter when no one wants them and wait to sell them when the summer heat wave hits.

The next crisis has begun: And this one is going to be in the currency markets

Anyone with a modicum of common sense knew that printing trillions of dollars was going to eventually have consequences.