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Gold, copper and European stocks collapse on Fed stimulus fears

Growing concerns over the US Federal Reserve cutting back its stimulus program as soon as next month, triggered Wednesday a selloff in world shares and drove precious metals down.

Gold struggles to hang on to July recovery

Lowest point since mid-July.

Two charts illustrate how to “follow the money”

It’s not about the political party, it’s about the policies, both monetary and fiscal.

The cost of political blitzes on miners: Steve Todoruk

Steve Todoruk discusses the rising risk from political authorities.

Four reasons the smart money is selling gold (and why they won't be back)

Wall Street guru Anthony Scaramucci makes the case.

Junior-gold confidence crisis

Gold’s miserable 2013 has been devastating for gold stocks

Australian dollar approaches 3-year low

Dips below 90 US cents.

Ben Bernanke does not control the gold price: World Gold Council

Council warns against putting too much weight on QE.

Why economics at the most basic level dictates gold prices will rise

To predict future prices of any good or service, Economics 101 dictates that we must measure the demand and supply of the good or service in question.

INFOGRAPHIC: Money – The cold hard facts

The US prints 26 million notes each day worth about $907 million. More crazy facts here.

Chris Berry's strategies for profiting from a distorted reality: Investing after QE

Quantitative easing has created new problems for commodity investors — the systemic distortion of true supply-demand for commodities.

Analysts expects several banks to follow JPMorgan commodities exit

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs likely to be the next ones.

Ron Struthers: Are gold equities on the cusp of an upswing?

If Struthers' forecast is right, the gold market could be on the cusp of one of its best corrections yet.

Gold-stock rebirth

Gold stocks are actually enjoying a great month, a stark contrast to this year’s brutal death spiral lower.

Silver ETF outshines gold funds

The few weeks of price stability has seen confidence return to the silver investment market.

Gold prices flat as inflation runs at 6%: How long will that last?

Inflation in the U.S. economy is already much higher than what the official numbers tell us.

Report: Obama's 'obvious choice' for Fed chairman is no fan of QE

The gold price has shot up 58% under the Fed's easy money policies. The likely new Fed chairman may stop the dollar printing presses.

Gold price vaults $1,300: Is this the start of the epic short squeeze everyone's waiting for?

Bullion was ripping higher in Asian trade on Monday.

The return of the great gold hedge

Gold lease rates are also soaring.

The gold short squeeze

Futures speculators have responded to this year’s extreme bearishness plaguing gold by amassing wildly-outlying record short positions in it.

Peter Schiff launches gold mining mutual fund amid “greatest buying opportunity during the entire bull market”

During a time in which mining companies are truly hated by investors globally, the outspoken market commentator and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff, indicates that this is the best time to be launching a mutual fund with exposure to the sector.

Central bankers make the best terrorists

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke this week had to backtrack on explosive statements about QE.

Friday feeding frenzy for gold stocks

Is this the turning point for battered gold counters?

The Shanghai gold surprise

The physical gold market continues to develop in the most wonderfully counterintuitive way.

Bernanke spooks gold again

Gold down again after making gains.