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CHARTS: What life remained in junior mining the gold price drop choked off

The best indicator of the health of the global exploration sector has fallen to a record low.

Commodities 2013 halftime report: A time to mine for opportunity?

Instead of trying to guess which commodity will outshine all others, we suggest diversifying across all commodities to try to smooth out the inherent volatility.

Central banks, bullion banks and the physical gold market conundrum

Empty unallocated gold accounts and redeem your gold in physical form

Grasberg is up and running again

But 2013 output will be 20% less than planned.

Continental Gold off to the races after Colombia drill results

Toronto-based company gains 6.8% after drilling 16.7m of 58.7 g/t gold at its flagship Buriticá project.

The $60 billion gold ETF wipeout

Investors pulled 638 tonnes or $61 billion from gold-backed ETFs this year.

Don Coxe: Hoarding may begin to develop again in commodities

We may begin to see hoarding develop in select commodities, similar to 2008-2009, against a backdrop of capitalism “laying in its death bed”—a result of on-going monetary stimulus.

Is the bubble phase about to begin?

We now have the necessary conditions for the bubble phase in gold to begin.

Deutsche Bank: No 1980 redux, gold rout mostly over

30 years ago US short term interest rates were at 20% making gold much less attractive than today.

South Africa's devastating gold industry outlook

60% of the industry is loss-making.

The commodities supercycle era is over

That era is over, Credit Suisse experts say, and they expect prices to remain under pressure at least through the end of the year.

Stay the course as mixed signals move markets

When gold prices plummet, fear takes over and some investors forget the fundamental reasons to own gold: Gold is a portfolio diversifier and a store of value.

Gold stocks: What will it take – and how long – for them to recover?

 By: Henry Bonner for Sprott Group The period ending in 2010 was one of the most explosive episodes of growth for the gold mining industry, but the aftermath has been bleak. Gold is down $500 […]

Winklevoss twins launch $20 million Bitcoin IPO

In a 74-page document filed Monday with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the brothers say they will protect the virtual currency like gold bars —in vaults.

Ian Gordon: Who killed the gold price?

The gold price may have taken a tumble, but Ian Gordon, chairman and founder of the Longwave Group in British Columbia, is watching for a recovery. As bullishness in gold reaches some of its lowest […]

‘Storm of writedowns’ coming up for gold miners

It will be an extremely important and interesting half-year results season for gold miners, say experts.

Tapering the taper talk

As usual the Federal Reserve media reaction machine has fallen for a poorly executed head fake.

Gold stocks decimated, Barrick drops to 21-year low

Billions wiped off sector as gold price drop sends many stocks to multi-year lows.

Grim BRICs news pushes copper to 5-week lows

Copper price slumps 1.8% as Brazil, Russia, India and China growth slows to 2009 levels.

As economy heats up, will commodities?

As the market senses a robust recovery is underway, expectations are climbing that this growth will continue.

Brighter US credit outlook sends gold price tumbling

Good news for the dollar is bad news for the gold price.

Fresh gold stocks bloodbath

Friday's fall in the gold price wipes billions off the gold sector.

Don't dismiss the possibility of gold confiscation

What if the government took away your gold?

Lessons from economic crises in Argentina

David Galland discusses the current economic crisis in the country and its likely political fallout, as well as its effects on expats living there.

The gold bull vs. the paper tiger

Time to sell bullion and get back into US stocks.