Fluorspar Mining News

Titanium is 'interesting'

Graphite still has legs.

Will China's trade agenda squeeze fluorspar supply?

One of the world's leading experts on industrial chemicals explains the convoluted market for fluorspar, a component of many household products.

Solidarity: 220 of 225 Fluormin workers to be laid off before year's end

South African union Solidarity announced today that about 220 workers at Fluormin's Witkop fluorspar mine in the North West province will be laid off before the end of the year.

INFOGRAPHIC: Fluorspar, essential for modern life

The mineral fluorspar is now more important - and expensive - than ever.

Ken Chernin shares extraordinary stories of a former war metal

In this Critical Metals Report exclusive, Chernin transports us from Morocco to the dazzling Newfoundland coast, to "Tungsten Town" in Northern Canada.

China wants to keep rare mineral export restrictions

China said on Wednesday that it would appeal against a World Trade Organisation ruling that it illegally restricted exports of certain rare and speciality metals and minerals including bauxite, coking coal, fluorspar, magnesium, manganese, silicon metal, silicon carbide, yellow phosphorus and zinc. The United States, European Union and Mexico argued that the minerals are key inputs for numerous industries and any cut in supplies could lead to sharp spikes in world prices. The complainants fear a similar situation to rare earths where the price of certain elements have tripled thanks to export cuts and China's virtual monopoly on production.

Chemical giant Arkema partners with Canada Fluorspar on acidspar mine

It's been a long time coming for some of Canada Fluorspar's (TSX-V: CFI) founding investors, but persistence appears to have paid-off. Arkema and Canada Fluorspar announced they signed a definitive agreement worth $84 million to fully fund and give a past-producing fluorspar mine in Newfoundland, Canada, a second life. Since Alcan closed up shop at the Blue Beach-Tarefare fluorspar mine just outside the town of St. Lawrence in 1978, various operators have taken a crack at bringing operations back online to produce acidspar, which is used for a variety of industrial purposes such as in hydrofluoric acid production.