Fukushima Mining News

Japan admits first possible case of cancer linked to Fukushima

The worker who developed leukemia was exposed to less radiation than many, said authorities, which suggests that the number of compensation cases could spike.

Japan to restart two nuclear reactors by June

For now, all of Japan’s 48 commercial reactors remain offline following 2011's Fukushima disaster.

Japan nuclear reactors to remain closed, court rules

Landmark decision could complicate Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to return to atomic energy.

Japan not allowed restarting nuclear plant

This is the first time a lawsuit brought by anti-nuclear plaintiffs has been successful in Japan's forty-year history of nuclear power.

Fukushima radioactivity levels spike

News comes after typhoon swept through Japan, possibly sending contaminated water into the Pacific ocean.

South Africa goes big on nuclear a year after Japan's Fukushima

Chances to build reactors grew fewer after the Fukushima accident, with many developed states trying to wean themselves off nuclear, but South Africa plans to issue a tender for one of the world's biggest atomic power deals soon.