GDX Mining News

Cheap gold stocks basing

GDX’s price action shows why gold stocks are such compelling investments when everyone hates them.

GDX weathers stock selloff

GDX remained well within its consolidation trend channel and is still within striking distance of a major $25 breakout.

GDX $25 breakout on earnings

The world’s leading gold-stock ETF is nearing a major upside breakout from key technical levels.

Schmidt's gold thoughts

Why do you suppose that gasoline prices at stations on the corner near your home generally post the same price? While the companies might contend that their product’s secret additive will make your car run faster, last longer, and cause your love life to be better, most of us cannot tell the difference.

Gold stock seasonality

Many analysts focus on the seasonality of Gold and Silver. Why? It plays out most of the time.

Bifurcation in Precious Metals Complex and the Implications

Silver has been red hot lately and the silver shares have joined in the fun. Yet, we haven’t seen a corresponding breakout in Gold or in the gold shares (as evidenced by GDXJ and GDX).