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Enbridge buys stake in one of Europe’s largest wind parks for $1.7bn

The Hohe See wind park, to be located in the North Sea, has a planned capacity of about 500 megawatts.

Denmark's largest energy firm to ditch coal by 2023

Coal consumption had been cut by 73% since 2006, Dong Energy said, and its power stations would replace the fossil fuel with sustainable biomass.

Deutsche Bank won’t finance any coal projects any longer

It has decided not to finance any greenfield thermal coal mining or coal-fired plants and it will also reduce its existing exposure to the sector.

Deutsche Bank ditches coal investments

The German banking giant is the last lender to pull back from the embattled coal sector.

Sweden sells its German coal mines

The Swedish government has endorsed a plan by a state-owned enterprise to sell its four German coal mines and assets to Czech investors.

K+S warns Q2 profit dramatically lower than a year earlier, shares collapse

The German fertilizer producer blamed weak prices, production outages and scarce sales for the poor results.

Germany to bring half its gold back by 2020

The country's central bank has already repatriated 1,400 tons or 41.5% of its gold reserves.

New electrolysis project makes power-to-gas commercially viable

Researchers and engineers reduce costs of hydrogen production through technology transfer from automotive industry and advance the energy transition

Nothing tiny about this new Lego bucket wheel excavator

It is made out of almost 4,000 pieces and includes fully-motorized features.

Germany brings more gold back home

In 2015, the country’s central bank transferred around 110 metric tons of gold from Paris and just under 100 tons from New York to its Frankfurt vaults.

K+S Potash to hire 150 workers for its Canada’s Legacy project

The Legacy mine, located approximately 50km north of the city of Moose Jaw, will be the first new potash operation built in the last 40 years in Saskatchewan.

Dismal German factory data drops copper price

Copper price drops 3% to near 2009-levels after manufacturing orders from world's top machinery exporter plummets.

German Renewables' Share Expected to Rise to 33 Percent in 2015

Initial Estimates Indicate Record-setting Amount of Renewable Energy Fed into the Grid

Greenpeace to keep coal in the ground by buying some of Europe’s largest mines

The environmental group is after Vattenfall's lignite business in eastern Germany, in a bid to scale back the operations put up for sale by the Swedish state-owned energy giant.

US still holds $54 billion of Germany's gold

2,300 page document detailing gold bar inventory released by Bundesbank shows 43% of reserves held in Manhattan not going anywhere.

Extremely rare mineral found in 1.2-billion-year-old meteorite impact in Scotland

The finding is more than double the age of the previous oldest known occurrence of reidite, believed to have formed about 450 million years ago.

K+S secures major potash supply deal from its Canadian Legacy mine

The agreement with Kansas-based Koch Fertilizer comes as the European firm attempts to fend off a takeover bid from Potash Corp.

German coal protesters shut down lignite mine

A group of activists protesting the use of coal in Germany were teargassed over the weekend after breaking through police lines, RT reported on Sunday.

K+S rejects again takeover offer from Potash Corp.

The latest offer was unchanged in its value, but included a more formal “business combination agreement,” K+S said

K+S rejects fresh approach from Potash Corp.

With the deal, Potash Corp. could regain some of its historic dominance over the fertilizer market, since the two companies combined account for 30% of the global potash production.

Iran, World powers reach ‘historic’ nuclear deal

The agreement ends decades of economic sanctions against Iran, and includes reductions in centrifuges, international inspections.

Here is why K+S investors think deal with Potash Corp. almost cooked

They argue Potash Corp's main objective is to seize its rival's ambitious Legacy project in southern Saskatchewan and scale it back.

World Coal Association urges G7 leaders to invest more in cleaner technologies

The industry body said that instead of fighting fossil fuels, industrialized nations should try to make them cleaner.

G7 agrees to phase out fossil fuels by end of the century

U.S., Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, and Italy agreed to cut greenhouse gases by phasing out the use of fossil fuels by the end of the century.

K+S on track to begin producing potash from Legacy mine next year

Legacy will be the first new potash mine built in Canada's Saskatchewan in the last 40 years.