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Gold down on better-than-expected U.S. jobs report

Gold for April delivery on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange was last at $1,184.20 per ounce, or about $12 below where it was before the report was released.

Gold prices ride rollercoaster on US jobs report

Gold hit a five-month low in the wake of the jobs report, but recovered quickly climbing 4.8% to 1,230.

CHARTS: What life remained in junior mining the gold price drop choked off

The best indicator of the health of the global exploration sector has fallen to a record low.

Jim Rogers says gold could fall to $900

"50% corrections are quite normal in markets."

Green investors missing golden opportunity

The likelihood of a strong rebound is supported by both a struggling mining industry and gold's performance during the last great bull market of the 1970s.

Rick Rule: The precious metals could sell off again

Rick views this period as a reflection of the four times during his career that he’s seen absolute capitulation, which is setting the stage for a “spectacular recovery”.

Guide to surviving the global mining crisis launched

Most obvious measures include abandoning non-essential exploration work, postponing hires and focusing on core-business operations.

Gold price surges as bargain hunters scramble for cheap metal

The gold price surged nearly $40 an ounce on Monday as a weaker dollar helped the metal recover from one of its worst quarterly performances in history.

No physical gold buying to the rescue

"Some bought too much when gold prices fell to $1,300 and now their cash is tight."

'The washout is nearly complete': Jim Cramer

Seeing Cramer in the gold camp is discombobulating Peter Grandich.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold production costs around the globe

Production costs and big upcoming gold projects.

American gold miner suspends work on Nevada project

Nevada mine put on care and maintenance due to declining gold prices.

Gold drops below $1,200 ounce

Silver is at US$18.59 per ounce.

Gold gets sicker

Silver is under $19.

What’s an investor to do in markets like these?

Stay calm and invest on, as I believe there is opportunity in picking up what the bears left behind.

Ben Bernanke's real message for gold investors, translated by John Williams

Don't fall for propaganda from the Federal Reserve about tapering quantitative easing, says ShadowStats editor John Williams in this interview with The Gold Report.

Tapering the taper talk

As usual the Federal Reserve media reaction machine has fallen for a poorly executed head fake.

Gold price drops $97 to September 2010 level

Gold price plummets after the US Federal Reserve signaled an end to its loose monetary policy may come sooner rather than later.

Gold stocks decimated, Barrick drops to 21-year low

Billions wiped off sector as gold price drop sends many stocks to multi-year lows.

One of the great gold bears reverses course

"If gold bounces $100 from here - which is not that hard to see - then gold stocks will have a big run."

Gold price shows muted reaction to upbeat Fed

Gold fell around $17 on Wednesday after the Fed again hinted that QE3 may be tapered off if the US economy continues to improve.

Forget the Fed: Five more reasons the gold price has much further to fall

The sudden $200 drop in April scared a lot of gold investors out of the market. Those that remain should heed these warnings.

Gold price drops to one month low ahead of Fed decision

Gold investors are worried that Fed chairman Ben Bernanke could announce on Wednesday that the Fed will start tapering off its quantitative easing program.