Gold Mining News

Big mining's age of austerity far from over

But asset sales will slow says new report.

New Islamic banking rules make gold an accepted investment

Transactions must be fully backed by physical metal and settled on the same day to observe Islam's distinction between real economic activity and speculation.

Gold’s slim price recovery this year boosts supply fears

Situation has worsened as a result of a shortage of new discoveries, cost cutting measures and miners digging out higher-grade material for a short-term gain, say experts.

Brazil Resources is now GoldMining Inc.

Board of directors has approved the change effective December 6, 2016, in order to better reflect the company's existing business.

Italy's resounding no lifts gold price

Gold price up 1% with with eurozone in turmoil and Italian prime minister stepping down.

Yukon's Minto mine looks to bring back laid off workers

A recent bump in the price of copper has Yukon's only operating mine looking to bring back some laid-off workers.

Deutsche Bank to pay $60 million to settle US gold price-fixing case

Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay $60 million to settle private U.S. antitrust litigation by traders and other investors who accused the German bank of conspiring to manipulate gold prices at their expense.

EPA’s proposed financial responsibility rule for miners a ‘job killer’ — industry

Norm aims at ensuring that hard-rock mining companies can pay the costs of cleaning up their mines, says EPA.

China gold premiums soar amid import limits

Just this week, bullion was sold in China at about $24 an ounce above the international price.

Gold price slump puts Barrick’s Super Pit deal with Minjar at risk

The Chinese miner is also having a hard time trying to convince Western lenders of financing part of the deal.

Barrick announces final results and settlement of $650 million debt tender offer

Barrick Gold Corporation announced today the final results and settlement of its $650 million cash tender offer for specified series of outstanding notes. The terms and conditions of the Tender Offer were described in an offer to purchase and the related letter of transmittal, each dated November 2, 2016.

Juniors crashed by gold slump

The junior gold miners’ and explorers’ stocks have been crushed in recent months, collateral damage from enormous gold-futures selling.

Canada’s Zonte sues Colombia authorities over gold permit rejection

The junior miner claims the mining authority did not process its exploration application in accordance with the country’s mining code.

Top ten most important mining men in Canadian history – by Stan Sudol

A fitting reflection of the enormous contributions that the mining sector has made to the development of many northern parts of our vast country and unfortunately, are largely ignored by our mainstream media.

Glencore to resume dividend in 2017 as debt reduction on track

Soaring coal prices have helped Glencore, the world’s biggest provider of the thermal kind, straighten its balance sheet.

CHART: Trump slump for gold mining stocks

The world's largest gold producers have lost a collective $15 billion in market value since Donald Trump's election as US president.

Gold price hit by fresh weakness

Strong dollar, imminent rate hike in US sends gold price to 10-month low.

Gold set to record its worst month in three years

The precious metal shed nearly 8% in November.

Canadian mining company in London targeted by protesters over EU-Canada trade deal

Last night activists obliterated the words ‘democracy’, ‘environment’ and ‘justice’ with gold spray paint outside the offices of a Canadian mining company, in a protest designed to draw attention to the corporate court system being proposed under the EU-Canada trade deal, CETA.

Gold's 2016 rally was built on sand

The headline word for 2017 will be 'inflation' and wealth preservation will continue to be a watchword for those looking to position themselves strategically… and by extension gold is well priced and positioned to benefit.

Osisko Gold Royalties tracks gold

I am firmly on record as saying we started a new gold and silver bull market, actually an all commodities bull market, last winter.

Massive 3,000-year-old Celtic gold belt found in British farmer’s field

The torc is one of the largest and most spectacular ever discovered in England.

The carnage in the gold sector could be over

There are a myriad of reasons for the volatile behavior in the precious metals sector and this post can’t cover all of them but hopefully will reflect some of the reasons that we view as important.

King of nothing

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.

CHARTS: Gold miners to hike investment in 2017

Project funding would be main priority, says Moody’s.