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Ian McAvity: Be Careful What You Wish for

Source: Karen Roche of The Gold Report 11/15/2010 The Gold Report caught up with Deliberations on World Markets Writer Ian McAvity between sessions at the 36th New Orleans Investment Conference, held October 27-30. In fact, […]

Anglo sells steel units to Australia’s OneSteel for $932m

Mining major Anglo American (Anglo) would sell its Moly-Cop and AltaSteel to Australian company OneSteel for $932-million. The two businesses, which are part of Anglo's Scaw Metals, make steel balls and rods that are used […]

Gold Settled $2.70 Higher Today… ($1368.20)

Today's day trading session covered a choppy and volatile$20.10 range as news from the European Union has investors buying Gold as a safer haven investment.

Top 10 Gold and Forex Holding Countries

U.S. Holds 27% of World’s Gold The argument for holding gold has just been reinforced by the Fed’s recent $600 billion quantitative easing (QE) package because it pushes the dollar firmly onto a downward path and […]


The general consensus now appears to be that all asset classes have put in an intermediate top and that the dollar has made an intermediate bottom. I jumped to that conclusion myself the other day. […]

Anticipating Volatility and the Rise of Emerging Markets

Life is about managing expectations and we believe understanding market cycles helps investors navigate through the volatility of their investments. We often remind investors to “Anticipate Before You Participate” and I strongly urge you to […]

Using a Long-Term Calendar Spread to Trade Gold

At this point anyone following financial markets realizes that current market conditions are directly impacted by the movement of the U.S. dollar. Recently the dollar has shown strength and could potentially be putting in an […]

TNR and Alaskan Gold

TNR Gold Corp. TSX.V – TNR is focused on early stage exploration for gold, rare and minor metals. The company has early to mid-stage exploration assets with 18 active projects held within three groups: Argentina […]

G 20 X

There is no need to talk about the recent G20 meetings as absolutely nothing was accomplished whatsoever.  Glad to see our taxpayer dollars working out so hard.  Why don't they just teleconference and call it […]

Dollar Continues to Control Gold, Oil & Equities

Over the past few months it seems as though everything has been tied to the dollar. Simple inter-market analysis makes it obvious that almost everything in the financial market eventually has an affect on stocks […]

Do you put your trust in politicians, central banks, with their faltering fiat currencies or do you trust gold as the ultimate store of value?

After making recent record gains, the price of gold tumbled by around $40 an ounce on Friday. Most markets reacted to rumours that China is likely to hike interest rates in order to cool growth […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 15th November 2010

Friday saw markets tumble between 2% & 4% with computer triggered 'stops' bringing in most of the selling.   We do believe that the inability of the G-20 meeting has had a detrimental effect on global […]

Precious Metals – Wild Man, Stodgy Old Man & 3 Snowmen

Excerpted from the November 7th edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole: Precious Metals – Wild Man, Stodgy Old Man & 3 Snowmen Let’s begin with a weekly view of the wild man… silver. I am […]

Mid-Week Dollar, Gold & SP500 Trend Trading

It has been a roller coaster week thus far as stocks and precious metals plunged on heavy selling volume on the back of a rising dollar, only to make a strong rebound Wednesday. While there […]

Monetary Reforms and Silver Consolidation

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on November 12th, 2010 Now it's official! The yellow metal has gotten the golden seal of approval. This week none other than the President of the World […]

Inside the Forbes & Manhattan Summit

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report 11/12/10 Globalization is bringing everything just a little closer to home, especially investment opportunities. That was the premise underpinning Forbes & Manhattan's decision to stage its first […]

Another Wild Ride….

This week the December Globex Gold contract covered a mammoth $65.00 range as economic data injected extreme volatility and uncertainty into the market place. The global economic climate is certainly very fragile as the FOMC's […]

Bull In a Bull Market

The further this bull market in precious metals rages the more bull, you know what, you hear. For longer than I care to remember a group of steadfast "bulls" have been the go to guys […]

Can Gold do now what the Rentenmark did for Germany in 1923?

What was a "Rentenmark"? At the left you see a one billion Mark note that was among the last printed notes of the Weimar Republic which saw the dreadful hyperinflation from the war's end to […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 12th November 2010

After the Festival of Lights in India, called Diwali, Indian buying of gold will pause. The dip in the gold price of around 2% is a healthy and normal market correction.   The knee-jerk $: € moves […]

A Bad Plan Poorly Disguised

With our economy sagging and our international clout waning, one of the few assets upon which the United States can rely is the confidence that the rest of the world has traditionally showered upon us. […]

Green light for big new Australian gold project

The two companies proposing to develop Australia's biggest grass roots gold project, Tropicana, today jointly approved the project's development. Read more

New Conveyor Idler Aligner Delivers Improved Safety, Precise Adjustment

A new conveyor idler aligner featuring a safe and effective method to manually fine tune OEM-style self-adjusting idlers has been introduced by Martin Engineering. Read more

Banro Updates Mine Construction Progress at its Twangiza Gold Project

Banro Corporation  (NYSE AMEX – "BAA"; TSX – "BAA") reports that construction of its wholly-owned Twangiza "Phase I" gold mine in South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, is proceeding quickly and that the […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 11th November 2010

All eyes are on the G-20 meeting as frictions mount between China and the U.S.   The U.S. takes the attitude that the best thing for the world is for the U.S. to grow.   Unfortunately this […]