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Who Controls the Gold Market When gold price are slammed down in one day, as they were on Friday by more than $20 it is certain that some sort of concerted action was taken to push the price down.   […]

Still Just a Baby Bull

It's sad to say but I'm afraid 90/95% of all retail traders/investors are not going to successfully ride the gold bull.  The reason of course is that they are deathly afraid of draw downs.  It's […]

The SP 500 and Gold Update, a Bear and a Bull cycle- June 5th, 2010

Back in mid April on I wrote a market forecast calling for a top in the SP 500 index and an ABC correction.  Since that time I had one intervening update on both Gold […]

The global currency crisis continues to be the driving force behind the higher gold price

GOLD UP-DATE On Friday, June 04, we saw some action in the currency markets, once again. After a spokesman for Hungarian Prime Mister, Viktor Orban, said that the country is in a "grave situation" because […]

If 1 + 1 Still Equals 2 Then Gold Will Explode! If 1+1 still equals 2 then gold will explode. It's really that simple! Once you tune out the white noise of the main stream media, recognize Keynesian economics for the claptrap it is, and […]


Greece may not be enough. Further economic bodies may be needed for the funeral pyre of Keynesian economics. While one after another nation demonstrates the critical flaws inherent to this dogma, governments seem to simply […]

The Right Path!

"Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear – kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor – with the cry of grave national emergency. Always, there has been some terrible […]

Welcome To the Jumble June 7, 2010 It's now begun.  Countries are falling, in economic speak, at an increasing rate.  We will see currencies fail sooner rather than later.  Gold remains the ultimate currency and must be a […]

Safe Havens are Shining but are Equities about to Rocket Higher?

It was another extremely volatile week sharp rallies followed by sharp sell offs. Fear is in no doubt controlling the market. The bulls and bears continue to battle it out. The charts below cover some […]

Melt-Up Time for Gold & Silver: Monetize Your Future

The full version of our analysis (with comments particularly valuable for Precious Metals Traders) is available to our Subscribers. The dynamics of international trade and finance are undergoing vigorous transformation. Most particularly in the wake of the […]

Gold Settles $7.70 Higher… ($1217.70)

Today’s Globex market covered a $23.60 range as  traders tried to decipher all the news affecting Gold. It appears based on the late session rally that the global investors are choosing gold as their preference. With all the […]

If 1 + 1 still equals 2 then GOLD SHOULD EXPLODE!

It really is that simple! Once you tune out the white noise of the main stream media, recognize Keynesian economics for the claptrap it is, and come to terms with the painful reality that policymakers […]

Gold Forecaster – What will happen to Gold Supply if Demand is very high?

Investment demand for gold has never been so high and it is likely to rise still further.   Normally when a commodity is in high demand supply is accelerated and holders of that commodity often take […]

GLD ETF Adds Another 684,832 Troy Ounces

If you needed further proof that the gold and silver markets are made in New York trading and nowhere else… you got it on Thursday.  As I mentioned in my closing commentary in yesterday's column, volume in […]

COPPER-GOLD STUDY: PEA completed for $3.4-B Snowfield project

The results of the preliminary economic assessment (PEA) are positive for the Snowfield copper-gold project belonging to Silver Standard Resources of Vancouver. The project is located on the eastern margin of the Coast Mountain Range, 65 […]

More conveyor options in gold and copper heap leach operations

Superior Industries has introduced a new conveyor mobility option – Radial Travel Tracks. When applied with the company’s TeleStacker® telescoping radial stacking conveyor, it allows high-capacity radial stockpiling in applications, such as low pressure soils, […]

SAG, ball mills ordered for Mt. Milligan

Terrane Metals has finalized contractual terms for the procurement of long lead-time processing equipment for its 100%-owned Mt. Milligan gold-copper project near Prince George, British Columbia. Canadian Mining Journal reports:

Sean Brodrick: Bull Market for Gold and Silver

Source: Karen Roche of The Gold Report 6/02/10 Weiss Research Natural Resources Analyst Sean Brodrick expects the bull market for precious metals to run for "quite some time," with gold hitting $1,450 /oz. by […]

The Glimmer Of Gold…

So far this week there is an enormous amount of news that could significantly impact the precious metals markets especially Gold. Thankfully there seems to be a bit more stability in the European Union however, […]

Interview: Jim Rogers on Currencies and Inflation

The Hera Research Newsletter (HRN) is pleased to present the following exclusive interview with legendary international investor, best selling author, adventurer and family man Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holdings and founder of the Rogers […]

Gold Settles $4.30 Lower… ($1222.60)

Today’s Globex Gold market traded in a very technical $13.90 range as the market continued to have a Holiday week feel. I believe the Jobless claims data (tomorrow) may also have some traders side-lined. The […]

Ending Phase?

I have to wonder, are we entering the ending phase of this cyclical bull? For sometime now I've noticed the similarities between the `02-`07 cyclical bull and what we've experienced since March of last year. […]

Sovereign Debt Defaults = Social Unrest + Much Higher Gold and Silver Prices

The magnitude of current private and government debt, coupled with massive unfunded contingent liabilities for promises of future services to their citizens, will prove to be impossible for many nations to fund. Massive inflation in […]

Gold and Gold Stock Update

The following is a brief snippet of Wednesday's 16-page update. Go here for more information on our service and a free 14-day no risk trial. Gold Gold remains on track (as far as our template).  […]

Gold's 200-Day Moving Average Climbs Above $1,100

Gold declined in fits and starts all through Far East and London trading on Wednesday… and then got hit pretty hard going into the London p.m. gold fix at 10:00 a.m. New York time.  That was […]