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Newcrest expects $8bn Lihir deal

“Newcrest Mining said on Tuesday it has finished due diligence on rival Lihir gold and expects to complete the $8.4 billion deal by September. It added that Lihir should now stop any discussions with third […]

SPX, Gold & Oil on the VERGE of Something BIG

Market volatility continues to shake things up making it profitable for traders who are quick to spotting key reversal points, manage risk and taking profits before it evaporates. On Tuesday we saw the market go […]

GDXJ: A Small-Cap Gold Miner ETF With Big Potential

Two asset classes that have been on the upswing lately are the U.S. Dollar and Gold which are both seen as safe havens. While they are bouncing around a lot and are due for a […]

DOW: Gold Ratio posed for another leg down

We've been following the Dow:gold ratio for quite a while. I've been saying for years that we will eventually see the ratio move to par by the time this bull is finished. Actually we may […]

Believing in Gold

Gold touched an intraday high of $1,254 in U.S. dollar terms today but its appreciation in Europe’s major currencies has been the story for the past few weeks. A few weeks ago (April 13) we […]

Gold Settles $5.70 Higher Today… ($1246.50)

The rally in the Gold continued today as investors continue to support fundamentally by purchasing physical Gold. The surge has continued as European investors are using their Euro's to purchase bullion as a flight to "safer […]

Harvest Gold Corp. (TSXV: HVG) – Initiating Coverage

Investment Highlights Harvest Gold Corp. is a TSX Venture listed junior exploration and mining company focused on identifying and expanding resources at its flagship Rosebud property in northern Nevada. The property was in production from 1997 to […]

CiDRA Selected for Barrick Mining Operation in Peru

Wallingford, CT – June 8, 2010:  CiDRA Minerals Processing announced today that Barrick Peru has selected the CiDRA SONARtrac system for a critical chemical reagent line within their Lagunas Norte gold mine. The mine is […]

Debt Can Never Be Repaid (By Bankster Design)

You really have to hand it to the banksters. As was painstakingly detailed in the book Creature from Jekyll Island, the banking elite devised a brilliant plan in November of 1910 on Jekyll Island in which […]

Frank Holmes: How to Avoid Vulnerability to Volatility Karen Roche of The Gold Report 06/07/2010 Human nature being what it is, sucker punches to the portfolio can erode more than your net worth. They can wreak havoc with your sense of self-worth […]

Company Review: TNR Gold Corp

TNR is focused on early stage exploration for gold and high-demand minor metals. A planned TSX spin-out, of International Lithium Corp, should add value to its Li and REE assets, and leave TNR with a […]

Why GLD Is My Choice Over Every Other Stock and ETF

Investors are looking for a safe place to put their money – an asset class they can “touch” and possibly trade even when no organized marketplace exists. That of course is the worst-case scenario and […]

In the U.S. Owning Gold Bullion is a Revocable Privilege – Not a Basic Right!

The laws of gold confiscation are very clear in the U.S. During any time of national crisis, it becomes illegal to buy, sell, or “hoard” gold bullion in any form. It is delineated under an […]

Today’s Gold Closed $23.10 Higher… ($1240.10)

The gold market produced a n extremely strong rally as the physical demand and flight to “safer havens” fuel futures buying. The rally was extended as very key technical resistance levels $1225,$1230,1235, and $1240) were […]

Who Controls the Gold Market When gold price are slammed down in one day, as they were on Friday by more than $20 it is certain that some sort of concerted action was taken to push the price down.   […]

Still Just a Baby Bull

It's sad to say but I'm afraid 90/95% of all retail traders/investors are not going to successfully ride the gold bull.  The reason of course is that they are deathly afraid of draw downs.  It's […]

The SP 500 and Gold Update, a Bear and a Bull cycle- June 5th, 2010

Back in mid April on I wrote a market forecast calling for a top in the SP 500 index and an ABC correction.  Since that time I had one intervening update on both Gold […]

The global currency crisis continues to be the driving force behind the higher gold price

GOLD UP-DATE On Friday, June 04, we saw some action in the currency markets, once again. After a spokesman for Hungarian Prime Mister, Viktor Orban, said that the country is in a "grave situation" because […]

If 1 + 1 Still Equals 2 Then Gold Will Explode! If 1+1 still equals 2 then gold will explode. It's really that simple! Once you tune out the white noise of the main stream media, recognize Keynesian economics for the claptrap it is, and […]


Greece may not be enough. Further economic bodies may be needed for the funeral pyre of Keynesian economics. While one after another nation demonstrates the critical flaws inherent to this dogma, governments seem to simply […]

The Right Path!

"Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear – kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor – with the cry of grave national emergency. Always, there has been some terrible […]

Welcome To the Jumble June 7, 2010 It's now begun.  Countries are falling, in economic speak, at an increasing rate.  We will see currencies fail sooner rather than later.  Gold remains the ultimate currency and must be a […]

Safe Havens are Shining but are Equities about to Rocket Higher?

It was another extremely volatile week sharp rallies followed by sharp sell offs. Fear is in no doubt controlling the market. The bulls and bears continue to battle it out. The charts below cover some […]

Melt-Up Time for Gold & Silver: Monetize Your Future

The full version of our analysis (with comments particularly valuable for Precious Metals Traders) is available to our Subscribers. The dynamics of international trade and finance are undergoing vigorous transformation. Most particularly in the wake of the […]

Gold Settles $7.70 Higher… ($1217.70)

Today’s Globex market covered a $23.60 range as  traders tried to decipher all the news affecting Gold. It appears based on the late session rally that the global investors are choosing gold as their preference. With all the […]