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Are Gold Stocks Worth the Effort? Media We recently posed this question while while re-assessing our silver portfolio and concluded that we were currently not getting the leverage to the metals that investing in the stocks should return given the […]

Gold Settles $4.00 Higher Today… ($1235.40)

HIGH….$1239.50  LOW…$1229.50 Today's Gold session traded a choppy $10.00 range as poor economic data rallied the market to  seven week high's before $1240.00 selling resistance stalled the "bull run".

Desert Gold Ventures Inc. (TSXV: DAU) – Enters into an option agreement to acquire gold and diamond exploration concessions in Guinea

Investment Highlights Drilling at the KW Fault Zone at the Goldbanks project intersects high grade mineralization: GB08-01 intersected 15 feet (4.57 meters) grading 7.13 g/t (0.21 oz/t.) The drill program was aimed at exploring for a […]

Will the Price of Gold Reach $5,000?

All the current chatter these days on whether or not to reduce a portfolio.s exposure to gold is, to put it bluntly, a short term trader's conversation. A crowded trade, whales exiting a crowded trade, […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 19th August 2010

Gold held up overnight in Asia, then in London traders tried to push it down a couple of Dollars.   This did not work and just ahead of the Fix gold was trading at $1,228, at […]

Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500 ETF Trends & Reversal Levels

Trading commodities and indexes through the use of exchange traded funds sure keeps things simple for an average trader. These funds allow individual investors to buy and sell things like gold, silver, oil, the sp500 […]

Silver has the potential to be one of the best performing assets over the next five years.

Much of what applies to gold also applies to silver. And, as I have mentioned in previous articles, silver is also a monetary metal whose price is influenced by similar factors that influence the gold […]

Gold Settles $3.10 Higher… ($1231.40)

Today's Gold session traded a very choppy $15.50 range as traders entered and exited gold in correlation with the huge market swings in the U.S Dollar… Normally a weak U.S dollar is bullish for Gold […]

Learning How Delta Creates Profits When Trading Gold

Last week's articles focused specifically on the option Greek Theta. This week we will shift gears and adjust our focus on Delta, another fundamental tenet of option trading. The official definition of Delta as provided […]

Too Late to chase

Today will mark the 15th day of the current daily cycle in gold. Gold has been up 13 out of the last 15 days. It's getting overbought. Usually the daily cycle runs about 20 -25 […]

Long-Term Investments – Is it still a good idea to own Gold?

The full version of our analysis (with comments particularly valuable for Precious Metals Traders) is available to our Subscribers. According to the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc, the commodities demand from emerging markets will support to price of […]

Gold Forecaster – Are Juniors ripe for takeovers now?

The Kinross takeover of Red Back Recently Kinross made an offer for the shares of Red Back with its Mauritanian gold deposits as the target.   The offer made to Red Back was accepted by the […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 18th August 2010

Asia did little to hold up the gold price after New York closed.   Consequently the gold price slipped lower than yesterday's afternoon Fix in London which was $1,226 25 cents down on the morning Fix.

Kinross Gold Corporation: A Takeover Too Far? The acquisitive nature of Kinross Gold Corporation (KGC) has taken it to the door step of Red Back Mining Incorporated (RBI) which appears to be a very good acquisition in terms of providing a […]

Eton Park Capital Management Goes For Gold

Tuesday's activity in the gold market is hardly worth mentioning.  But, just like Monday, the rally that began in the Far East and London trading was extinguished during the New York trading session.  This should […]

South African Miner Turns from Trial Mining to Acquiring Equipment

Central Rand Gold has completed trial mining and has now talking with equipment dealers about developing its underground mine, reports Mining Weekly. "With the completion of trial mining, the focus now shifts to developing the […]

Silver Stocks Offer Value

In our last editorial we showed a few charts of our junior gold and junior silver indices.

Gold Settles $2.10 Higher … ($2.10)

Today's Gold session covered a very quiet $6.80 range while trading between the pivot and resistance levels Gold took advantage of a weaker U.S Dollar and  a late session Crude oil  rally to close higher […]

Ratio Analyses Suggest Much Higher Prices for Gold and Silver

Analysing the long-term relationships of gold with other assets suggests that, in most instances, physical gold and silver and the shares of the companies that mine those precious metals have major upside potential – truly […]

Gold and Silver – a Pair of Aces for a Winning Hand!

“Every portfolio should have a 10% core holding of gold and silver as emergency money” was the simple and timeless message in Glen O. Kirsch conveyed 19 years ago in an article entitled: “What’s in […]

Will Iran Be Attacked Before the Weekend?

Gold was in positive territory through most of Far East trading on Monday morning… and took a bit of a pop to the upside during early London trading… and then another jump at the Comex […]

Gold Technicals getting better

1."This is not working, let's try something new." -aprox quotation from Deng Xiaoping, head of China, circa 1978. 2.   Brilliant observation on Deng's part.  Let's have a round of applause for Gman Deng.  When […]

Going down

It is what the Blackhawk pilots radioed over Mogadishu, Somalia, it is what the once again popular deflation proponents forecast for asset prices and it is what Ben Bernanke has now radioed to the financial […]

Gold Forecaster – What's really driving the Gold Price now?

At the moment, it appears that the gold price is being linked to the state of the global economic growth or lack thereof.   Is it?   Or are there other factors that contribute to the rise […]

Gold To Fall In Fall For Once?

The Federal Reserves announcement this past week that they will monetize their debt sent markets reeling initially, but they seem to have somewhat stabilized, at least for now.  This coming week will tell the tale, […]