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John Doody's Doody-Free Picks

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report 6/23/10 In the last decade, Gold Stock Analyst Editor John Doody has seen his top-listed equities skyrocket a combined 1,000%, including an eye-popping 130% in 2009. John's […]

Why We Are Unlikely to See a Major Spike in the Price of Gold Anytime Soon

Despite gold’s move up to a new record, gold’s historical volatility is around 18%, compared to over 30% for the S&P 500. If gold and stock prices both embody systemic risk, why should their volatility […]

Why Many Analysts See Gold Going As High As $10,000

My first reaction when I read an article* on this site by Arnold Bock – articulating why gold would go to $10,000 – by 2012 no less – was amazement. Who in their right mind […]

Gold Settles $5.80 Lower ….($1235.00)

Today's Globex Gold traded a vast $22.00 range today as traders were uncertain of the intentions from the FOMC two day meetings. The FOMC has decided to leave rates unchanged for a extended period. In […]

Decline in Stocks & Gold-, Silver-, and Mining Stocks Investors' Profits

In our previous essay we have mentioned that it does not seem that the ultimate top for this gold rally is behind us. Consequently, this week we would like to provide more information on what may influence […]

Kent Exploration Making Headway on Diverse Project Portfolio

Kent Exploration Inc. (TSX.V: KEX) has just completed an eight hole diamond drill program on the company's Gnaweeda Gold Project in Western Australia. The company is also awaiting IP results from the Alexander River Gold […]

Why Many Analysts See Gold Going As High As $10,000

My first reaction when I read an article* on this site by Arnold Bock – articulating why gold would go to $10,000 – by 2012 no less – was amazement. Who in their right mind […]

Terrane Metals appoints Fluor-AMEC JV

Terrane Metals Corp has signed a letter of intent with AMEC Americas Ltd and Fluor Canada to provide engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services for its 100%-owned Mt Milligan copper-gold project in British Columbia. Read […]

Gold Settled 10 Cents Higher Today … ($1240.80)

Today’s Globex Gold traded in an $11.00 range today as Traders seemed a bit gun shy after yesterday’s $26 plus sell-off that certainly caught the “bulls” off guard. I believe many traders anticipated a continuation […]

Ominous Signs!

"Regulation was the obvious method of keeping corporations answerable to democracy, and not the other way around – but why trust public officials to regulate if they were all on the take?… The power of […]

Gold's Last Breath? Really?

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on June 18th, 2010 Back in early 2000, during the euphoria of what later became known as the Dot.Com Bubble, one well-known professional investor stuck his neck […]

10 Reasons Why Gold Could Go to $10,000 Within the Next 12 Months!

We may reach levels for gold previously thought of as crazy — $5,000 an ounce or even $10,000, with plenty of volatility along the way, including pullbacks — and in my opinion there are 10 […]

Finding Gold in the Mainstream

The New York Times dedicated a chunk of last Sunday’s paper to gold as a mainstream investment. In other words, gold is now legit — no longer can it be dismissed as the asset of […]

Gold Bubble? What Bubble?

We continue to hear pundits describe gold as a bubble. Certainly it will turn into a bubble before this is all over but we are hardly in the bubble stage yet. In order for a […]

Gold prices make new record highs, and are likely to trade higher over the next few weeks.

Gold rose to a new record as it reached $1,260/oz last week. The previous all-time high for the yellow metal was $1,252/oz set June 8. The new record is significant because it shows that investors […]

Shout Bubble From the Mountains

It's now official, Gold has broken it's perfect cup and handle formation.  It's heading much higher here and now, with a very high degree of confidence.  To buy or not to buy is the question.  […]

Vietnam and Gold

Many Asian countries have strong affinity for gold, with Vietnam apparently at the top of the list. On a per-capita-income basis, Vietnam consumes twice as much gold as India and 10 times that of China. […]

Dow, Gold & Oil are Breaking Out or Bouncing

Over the years we have seen the stock market make some pretty exciting moves for share holders. This year alone there have been some interesting events unfold causing wild market swings which most of us […]

Will U.S. Government Seize Private Gold and Then Devalue Dollar – Again?

Imagine living in a country where the government suddenly decides to make it illegal to hold a certain type of asset, and goes on a systematic process to relieve its citizens of such an asset? […]

Brien Lundin: Gold's (Almost) Free at Last

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Gold Report 6/18/10 The U.S. dollar may only look good because its fiat currency brethren look bad, but declining confidence in paper money has thrust gold toward a position […]

Tarsis Building On Exploration Success For A Bright Future

Tarsis Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: TCC) is a company that knows the power of depth and diversity when it comes to building a promising portfolio of mining properties and maintaining a tight share structure which gives […]

Why the new flexibility of the Yuan will not mean its appreciation, nor gold's fall in the Yuan.

21st June 2010 With China dropping the 'peg' to the U.S. $, the financial world is expecting it to appreciate up to 30% over time.   But we don't expect this at all.   China has […]

Gold & Silver Power Update – Stewart Thomson

1.    Gold blasted out of the ascending triangle I highlighted this morning right before the breakout. 2.     GOLD ASCENDING TRIANGLE 3.    Gold blasted off leaving a crowd of top callers and gold worriers behind.  The […]


Gold Continues To Glitter…. This week the Gold has rallied to another All-time high as global investors continue to choose gold as their currency of choice. Savvy investors are seeking tangible assets for long term […]

Gold Settles $9.60 Higher… ($1258.30)

Today's Gold market notched another new All-time high reaching the $1263.70 level on  the  lobex electronic market. The flight to safer havens from the European Union and the overall  nsatiable global demand for physical bullion […]