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Gold's Gleam Will Not Fade Away Because of the Current Decline

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on December 10th, 2010 We picked up the Asian addition of The Wall Street Journal this week and on the back page was an article titled “China […]

Another Wild Week !!!

Gold Settles $7.90 Lower …Ending The Week At…($1384.90) The precious metals tumbled early after reports that The Central  Bank of China did indeed raise the banks' reserve requirement by .50 basis points effective December 20th […]

Weekly Market Update Excerpt

Gold and Precious Metals Gold Bullion.  6 Month Price Chart. Super Force Gold Bullion Analysis: Gold has a solid Super Force Buy Signal as of Friday Nov. 12th. Gold is the only of the precious […]


If the market can end the day with a gain we will get a 4 day rule possible trend change signal.The four day rule says: After a long intermediate rally look for the first down […]

What to Look for in the Gold-Silver Ratio

The full version of our analysis (with comments particularly valuable for Precious Metals Traders) is available to our Subscribers. The gold-silver ratio is perhaps one of the first indicators traders looked at to comprehend the state of the […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 10th December 2010

As President Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel 'unify' today in an attempt to present a political unity in the Eurozone [so that it can tackle the debt crises that have not gone away, the E.C.B. […]

Gold Prices Update 10 December 2011

Gold prices almost returned to take tea with the 50dma after 2 down days, but today she just wasn't in the mood and gained a few bucks just to keep us all guessing at where […]

Is The Herd Trading Gold & SP500?

Over the past 2 weeks we have seen the market sentiment change three times from extreme bullish to bearish and back to bullish as of today. Normally we don't see the herd (average Joe) switch […]

Gold Settles $9.50 Higher … ($1392.70)

Today's February (Globex) contract traded in a volatile $14.50 range as news from the European Union continues to fuel the U.S Dollar's recent strength as well as sending savvier global investors into Gold and Silver […]

Gold, Silver, Oil: Volatility is the New Stability

In the last 30 day period, the price of gold has swung up and down like a yo-yo between $1,340 and ounce, and $1,420 an ounce, giving it a volatility ratio of 5.6%. Silver, in […]

Metals Market Mania

by Drew Shaw Metals prices have been soaring, and gained steam after the U.S. government approved a two-year extension of Bush-era tax cuts this week, which had been set to expire. If you are an […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 9th December 2010

New York cam in yesterday and knocked the gold price down from yesterday morning's Fix of $1,426 and a euro at $1.3368 to $1,392 and a euro at $1.32.   But in the euro that fall […]

Atco wins Detour Lake bid to build mining camp to house 1,000 people

CALGARY, Alberta – ATCO Structures & Logistics (ASL) has been awarded a contract to build a 1,000-person mining camp accommodation facility for Detour Gold Corporation (“Detour Gold”) at its Detour Lake gold property in northeastern […]

Gold Settles $25.80 Lower ($1383.20)

Big down day for the gold and silver markets as both markets experience key technical reversals. One day after Gold made another all-time high and Silver made a new 30 year high the precious markets […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review

New York cam in yesterday and knocked the gold price down from yesterday morning's Fix of $1,426 and a euro at $1.3368 to $1,392 and a euro at $1.32.   But in the euro that fall […]

Gold Breakout in Real Terms Means Good Times are Ahead for Gold Bulls

In past commentaries, I've written about my favorite form of technical analysis. That is intermarket analysis. Intermarket analysis takes traditional technical analysis much further. Normally, we'd look at a market by itself. We'd look at […]

Gold Closes $7.10 Lower Today… ($1409.00)

Today's (Globex) March contract notched another all-time high trading $1432.50 and covering a very apprehensive and volatile $29.50 range. After a stall in the "bullish ' momentum I believe traders began to take profits as […]


In a world of corruption, financial and currency turmoil, gold will re-establish its importance in the global monetary system. One major reason investors look to gold as an asset class is because it will always […]

Graceland Updates 4am-7am

1. The five day weekend.  Readers should know I refer to Friday as "report card day" and Monday as the start of your "five day week-end." 2.  Some questioned that reality, but as I write this sentence […]

Rick Rule: Riding the Commodity Bull

Source: The Gold Report 12/06/2010 Global Resource Investments Founder Rick Rule is always generous in sharing his wit and wisdom. In this Gold Report transcript of his Friday, Dec. 3, webcast, he covers a lot […]

The SP 500 and Gold are in the last stages of the rally from July

The Elliott Wave patterns that I use to forecast movements ahead of time in the SP 500 and Gold for my subscribers have been textbook perfect for quite some time.  We can go back to […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 7th December 2010

With a gold Fix of $1,426.00 in London's morning and a euro at $1.3368 we are in more than record territory. There can only be a few traders left who will look at the $: € […]

Palladium to the Moon & PAL to the Sun

Many investors are aware of the price movement in gold and silver of late, but have you looked at Palladium?  Palladium has exploded right past the entire field of commodities along with the little sister […]

Massive Short Squeeze at Hand in Gold and Silver Markets

YESTERDAY IN GOLD AND SILVER Gold was up about $7 by the time that Hong Kong trading was through for the day on Friday, but by the time that floor trading began in New York […]

Rolling In Dough

Earlier in the week I put out an educational piece showing some historical, as well as current cup and handle formations.  These are very powerful formations indeed, and the S&P 500 just broke out a […]