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4 Reasons Why Gold Should Continue to Shine

Gold and silver, and the stocks that are leveraged to them, have a long, long way to go. It’s not too late to get in on the action. In fact, I have 4 good reasons […]

Doug Casey’s View of the Future is Very Disturbing – Got Gold?

Absolutely every currency in the world is going to reach its intrinsic value in the next few years. Basically all the governments are going to wind up destroying their national currencies. That won’t be just […]

Gold Prices Update 14th June 2010 As we mentioned recently the dollar may well have run its course for now having been the main beneficiary of the perils that have swamped the euro. This chart shows the US Dollar gradually […]

Barrick helps US government stem tide of contamination into Yellowstone

Barrick Gold is teaming up with the federal government and the state of Montana to clean up the 80-year-old, 30-acre McLaren tailings site – historically noted as a significant source of heavy metals contamination flowing […]

Gold Settles $5.70 Lower Today… ($1224.50)

Today's Globex market traded a vast $18.40 range as global investors continue to decipher economic data. It has been reported that 18 of the 19 industries in the Stoxx Europe 600 Index rose as industrial […]

Trickster Gold: The 4 Forces Affecting the Price of Gold

That gold is in a long-term uptrend is undeniable…but is gold in semi-bubble territory and set for a dramatic decline, or is it ready to continue on to $1,350 and beyond this summer? Lorimer Wilson, […]

Change of character

During the recent correction miners underwent a significant change of character. I've mentioned many times in the past that the selling pressure at intermediate cycle lows tends to pull everything down with it. That always […]

Economy, Canada Indisposable Income and the Long Road Out of Debt

The Bank of Canada just doubled its overnight lending rate, to 0.5%, and became the first G8 country to do so since the Crunch. That came after a +6% growth rate in Q1 that brings […]

Investors continue to pile into gold due to concerns about sovereign debt issues and large government deficits.

Last week, gold rose to a record in London and New York as investors sought an alternative to currencies amid mounting concerns over Europe's debt crisis. Once again, I am being asked if it is […]

Will Gold fall if Commodities Fall? The debate is on-going as to whether we are entering a period where demand for commodities will fall in price or not.   The reports are there that the Chinese government will slow the Chinese […]

Rye Patch Continuing to Grow Nevada Resources

By Claire O'Connor and James West On May 18th 2010 Rye Patch Gold announced the first NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for the company’s 100% owned Lincoln Hill gold-silver project in Western Nevada. Combined with […]

Xstrata continues mine studies in Philippines

“A unit of Xstrata said on Friday it will proceed with public discussions and technical studies on its $5.2 billion copper-gold project in southern Philippines despite a looming local ban on the venture. State agency […]

Gold Going to Parabolic Top of $10,000 by 2012 – For Good Reasons

No wishful thinking here! As I see it gold is going to a parabolic top of $10,000 by 2012 for very good reasons – sovereign debt defaults, bankruptcies of "too big to fail" banks and other […]

Have We Just Seen a Major Top In Gold?

In our previous essay we have emphasized the importance of the analysis of the Euro Index, while evaluating recent performance of gold. We have also featured a gold chart that included a resistance level which gold […]

Gold, Oil & SPX Trading at Key Pivot Points

Last week we saw the financial market including commodities move higher which was great to see. But the recent run up has brought both equities and commodities to their key resistance levels. With Gold, Oil […]

To Be Or Not To Be…In The Markets June 14, 2010 Markets rallied in the US late into the week with most gains coming on Thursday.  With options expiry coming in the week ahead we have be aware and not read too […]

Price of Gold Likely To Fall Below $1000 By Year End – Natixis

“While there are some good reasons to hold gold at the moment, many of the drivers behind gold’s strong, decade-long run look like they have begun to turn and, as a result, the price of […]

Why is China promoting Gold Investments, if the Yuan is going to appreciate? The Chinese government is encouraging investments in gold and is working to expand the range of gold investments there.   But the U.S. and others believe that the Yuan is going to appreciate.   Surely the […]

Adrian Day: Buy Gold Bullion, Royalties and Juniors

Source: Brian Sylvester and Karen Roche of The Gold Report 06/11/2010 Chairman and CEO of his namesake company, Adrian Day Asset Management and Author of the Adrian Day's Global Analyst newsletter, Adrian Day is […]

Egon von Greyerz: The World is Heading Rapidly Towards Calamity! Got Gold?

2010 will be remembered for the rest of our lives as Armageddon 2010. Things are getting out of control. We are all about to take a cliff dive together into who knows what?! We Are […]

What’s Coming: A Hyperinflationary or A Deflationary Depression?

While I believe that the US is heading towards a Weimar style hyperinflationary depression there are several developments that point to the possibility of another deflationary depression, similar to the 1930’s. Lorimer Wilson, editor of […]

It really is that simple!

It really is that simple! Once you tune out the white noise of the main stream media, recognize Keynesian economics for the claptrap it is, and come to terms with the painful reality that policymakers […]

Gold Settles $8.00 Higher Today… ($1230.10)

Today’s gold trade was very choppy and volatile once again today as the August Globex contract covered a $14.30 range. Gold closed over the $1230.00 level which is technically significant…

Gold Stock Fundamentals Now versus 2008

Escalating sovereign debt problems in Europe has prompted some to wonder if another "Lehman" type collapse is on the horizon. As a result, some precious metals observers have grown cautious, fearing a replay of the […]

Endeavour Adds Heavy Hitters to Crew Gold's Board of Directors

By Guy Bennett The rise in share price of Crew Gold (TSX:CRU), a West African gold producer, was a gift to many investors earlier in 2010 as it rose 500%, from 10 cents to 50 […]