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Silver/Gold Ratio Reversion 3

Silver's recent rallying action is starting to catch traders' attention.  Since the end of its latest correction in early February, this white metal has surged 23% higher.  It has well outperformed gold, which only climbed […]

Rising U.S. Dollar and Declining Gold or Vice-Versa?

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on April 16th, 2010 The current situation on the USD Index and gold appears to be in tune with each other even though the statistical numbers don't […]

New technology to slash gold miner's energy bill by up to 70%

A major gold-mining company could achieve an energy saving of up to 70%, thanks to an innovative technology that is to be installed by engineering company Turbo Air in the coming weeks, Mining Weekly reports. […]

Anatomy of a Housing Crisis

A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart. – Confucius, BC 551-479, Chinese Ethical Teacher, Philosopher – Freddie and Fannie certainly had a large role to play in the housing […]

Another 2.15 Million Ounces of Silver Disappear From the SLV ETF

Not much happened in the gold market yesterday.  However, I note that Thursday was the third day in a row that the gold price was gently but firmly shoved back every time it tried to breach the […]

Precious Metals Resiliency Continues

This week has continued where last week left off. After the finance ministers from the European Union announced they had in conjunction with the (IMF) International Monetary Fund had approved a bail-out package in excess 45 billion Euro’s […]

Geosoft releases CET Grid Analysis software, developed by The University of Western Australia’s Centre for Exploration Targeting

Joint software project, supported by Barrick Gold, helps mineral exploration geophysicists and geologists find discontinuities within magnetic and gravity data.

A Deflationary Impulse Would be a Catalyst for Gold Stocks

While Gold is a hedge for inflation and deflation, that doesn't mean that gold stocks are a hedge or outperformer in either environment. As we wrote last year, gold stocks tend to perform better when […]

Silver Short Squeeze and Alexco Resources

Silver has been performing very strongly over the past month, has broken through previous resistance and continues to move higher despite the large concentrated short position by commercial traders (JPM and HSBC) on the Comex. […]

Mid-Week Gold & Oil Trading Report

In my last report I showed some cycles for the price of gold and how they were starting to roll over which would in turn put some selling pressure on both gold and silver this […]

Gianni Kovacevic: Planes, Trains & Automobiles (& Rickshaws)

Source: By Tim McLaughlin and Karen Roche, The Gold Report 4/14/10 there a China bubble? Not according to Gianni Kovacevic, corporate development strategist and principal of Kovacevic Consultants. In this exclusive interview with The […]

Europe Fiddles, Gold Sizzles

Much to the relief of jittery global markets, Greece's chronic debt problem has been papered over in a burst of European solidarity and apparent magnanimity. But this act of mercy may cost Germany its key […]

Gold Closes $6.20 Higher Today… ($1159.60)

Today’s Gold traded a very choppy and technical range.The session primarily traded between the pivot and resistance levels most of the day. Stocks, metals ,and the energies all benefited from better than expected corporate earnings […]

Are Precious Metals Stocks Likely to Plunge From Here?

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on April 9th, 2010 In our previous essay, we've stated that a small correction [in gold] may be likely very soon, and since that his is what we've seen very […]

Once Gold Closes Above $1,162 An Ounce, The Lid Comes Off!

April 14, 2010 by Editor · Leave a Comment I think gold is a win-win investment because it’s now knocking on the door of its next rocket ride higher. In further edited excerpts from the original article* Larry […]

Musicla Chairs

INTC beat earnings yesterday and this morning the market is loving it. Cramer is wildly bullish. BUY, BUY, BUY! Unfortunately INTC has a history of marking turning points. Let's just say that buying the gap […]

The IMF Creates Another US$500 Billion Out Of Thin Air

Gold was down about five bucks in Far East trading yesterday… with the low coming at the London a.m. gold fix around 10:30 a.m. local time.  From that low, gold rose until 9:00 a.m. in […]

ABB commissions world’s largest high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) drive system

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group has successfully commissioned the world’s largest high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) drive system for the Boddington Gold Mine Expansion project in western Australia.Newmont Mining Corp., America’s biggest […]

Metso to supply grinding equipment to Kinross Gold, Brazil

Metso will supply a complete ball mill and related equipment and services to Kinross Gold Corporation for its Morro do Ouro Mine in Paracatu, located 230 km south from Brazil’s capital Brasília. The delivery will […]

Chart of the Week: Gold’s Breakout

We continue to be encouraged by the price action of gold in the face of a strengthening U.S. dollar. Typically, gold and the dollar move in opposite directions, but so far this year gold is […]

Harmony Gold to Become Producer

By Claire O'Connor Tuesday, April 13, 2009The brand spanking newly-established Harmony Gold Corp. (TSX.V: H) has assembled a veritable A-Team amongst its Board of Directors to guide the fledgling company towards its goal of […]

New Mine Development on SupplyMine – Andash

The Andash gold-copper property is located in the Talas Valley in the North West of the Kyrgyz Republic on the border with Kazakhstan and covers an area of 53 sq km. The mine design for […]


Several weeks ago I speculated that we were "On the brink of an asset explosion" . So far events are unfolding about as expected. I might even say they are moving more aggressively than I thought. […]

Peak Gold and Inflation: A Perfect Storm

The inexorable onset of accelerating inflation, matched with a global decline in gold production, will underpin high-flying gold prices for years to come. So says John Embry, a world-renowned long-time gold advocate and the chief […]

What Happened to the Manipulation?

Let me apologize in advance but I just couldn't resist. If the gold market is manipulated like so many people want to believe, then how in the world did they let gold rally 10 out […]