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Are Gold & SP500 Topping Out Here?

Prices continue to churn as traders and investors try to figure if they want their hard earned dollar in cash or investments. The market is very jittery simply because no one wants to get caught […]

Have faith in gold and not in government rhetoric

A little over a week ago, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wrote an article for the New York Times entitled Welcome To The Recovery in which he touted the great strides that the U.S. economy […]

Bust It! The Legend of George Soros

The S&P once again was rebuffed from falling markedly below the very significant 1,070 level which could mean we are heading higher once again, at least for the short term. Markets remain a very difficult […]

Risk Comparison: Options Versus Equities – Part 1

While future articles will return to focusing on the option Greeks, a recent comment regarding risk really piqued my interest. The age old discussion about risk versus reward, equities versus options, and the fundamental difference […]

WEEKLY High-$1239.50 Low-$1216.20

This week the Gold market covered a $23.30 range that traded in a very technical manner. The theme for the week was the continuation of poor economic data that sent savvy investors seeking ‘safe haven” investments […]

Topping Gold and Bottoming USD Index or Vice-Versa?

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on August 20th, 2010 This week we have sent out several messages to our Subscribers regarding the current market situation. Now, the markets have calmed down for the […]

Joe Foster: Catalysts Pushing Gold

Portfolio Manager Joe Foster calls himself a "stock picker." And he's pretty good at it. Class A shareholders in Van Eck Global's International Investors Gold Fund have seen an average return of almost 25% for […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 20th August 2010

It seems that the gold market is depending more and more on the Gold Fix in London both morning and afternoon, for price guidance.   Yesterday afternoon saw gold fixed at $1,233.5 and this morning at […]

Big Autumn Silver rally 2

Silver has been drifting in a rather lackluster summer. Ever since surging to $19.50 in mid-May, this often-popular white metal has been grinding sideways to lower. By late July it had fallen over 10% to […]

Close enough?

Gold is now due for a corrective move. Its rallied 15 out of the last 17 days and is now moving into the timing band for a cycle low. My best guess was that gold […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 20th August 2010

It seems that the gold market is depending more and more on the Gold Fix in London both morning and afternoon, for price guidance.   Yesterday afternoon saw gold fixed at $1,233.5 and this morning at […]

Gold Forecaster – What problems lie ahead for the U.S. Dollar?

The recent history of the Dollar China is the largest holder of the U.S. Dollar in its foreign exchange reserves at $2.45 + trillion.   This is an impossible number to trade on foreign exchanges.   So […]

A forecast Follow-Up on the SP 500 and Gold

In my last article a few weeks ago, I was concerned that the market could have a hangover after the recent rally.  Apparently, my concern was not un-founded as we dropped from a rising bearish […]

Are Gold Stocks Worth the Effort? Media We recently posed this question while while re-assessing our silver portfolio and concluded that we were currently not getting the leverage to the metals that investing in the stocks should return given the […]

Gold Settles $4.00 Higher Today… ($1235.40)

HIGH….$1239.50  LOW…$1229.50 Today's Gold session traded a choppy $10.00 range as poor economic data rallied the market to  seven week high's before $1240.00 selling resistance stalled the "bull run".

Desert Gold Ventures Inc. (TSXV: DAU) – Enters into an option agreement to acquire gold and diamond exploration concessions in Guinea

Investment Highlights Drilling at the KW Fault Zone at the Goldbanks project intersects high grade mineralization: GB08-01 intersected 15 feet (4.57 meters) grading 7.13 g/t (0.21 oz/t.) The drill program was aimed at exploring for a […]

Will the Price of Gold Reach $5,000?

All the current chatter these days on whether or not to reduce a portfolio.s exposure to gold is, to put it bluntly, a short term trader's conversation. A crowded trade, whales exiting a crowded trade, […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 19th August 2010

Gold held up overnight in Asia, then in London traders tried to push it down a couple of Dollars.   This did not work and just ahead of the Fix gold was trading at $1,228, at […]

Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500 ETF Trends & Reversal Levels

Trading commodities and indexes through the use of exchange traded funds sure keeps things simple for an average trader. These funds allow individual investors to buy and sell things like gold, silver, oil, the sp500 […]

Silver has the potential to be one of the best performing assets over the next five years.

Much of what applies to gold also applies to silver. And, as I have mentioned in previous articles, silver is also a monetary metal whose price is influenced by similar factors that influence the gold […]

Gold Settles $3.10 Higher… ($1231.40)

Today's Gold session traded a very choppy $15.50 range as traders entered and exited gold in correlation with the huge market swings in the U.S Dollar… Normally a weak U.S dollar is bullish for Gold […]

Learning How Delta Creates Profits When Trading Gold

Last week's articles focused specifically on the option Greek Theta. This week we will shift gears and adjust our focus on Delta, another fundamental tenet of option trading. The official definition of Delta as provided […]

Too Late to chase

Today will mark the 15th day of the current daily cycle in gold. Gold has been up 13 out of the last 15 days. It's getting overbought. Usually the daily cycle runs about 20 -25 […]

Long-Term Investments – Is it still a good idea to own Gold?

The full version of our analysis (with comments particularly valuable for Precious Metals Traders) is available to our Subscribers. According to the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc, the commodities demand from emerging markets will support to price of […]

Gold Forecaster – Are Juniors ripe for takeovers now?

The Kinross takeover of Red Back Recently Kinross made an offer for the shares of Red Back with its Mauritanian gold deposits as the target.   The offer made to Red Back was accepted by the […]