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Gold – The battle is already won

This morning's email from gold general Jim Sinclair – under siege yet again from the troops in the "community" – prompts this morning's post. Mr. Sinclair often writes with a war mentality pitting the gold […]

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited: Record Quarterly Revenue

The general consensus for the quarterly income for Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited (AEM) was in the order of $0.40 per share, however, news just out has the figure higher at $0.64 per share for the second […]

With the new Financial Regulatory Reform Bill in the USA now in place, and with strong fundamentals, price of silver should increase substantially.

In a recent report from the VM Group, the consultancy expects prices of silver to remain firm and possibly advance going into Q4. The report mentions that Chinese imports of silver, have risen year-on-year in […]

Financials, Oil & Gold on the Move

Most traders I have been talking with are feeling the same thing. Something big is brewing for the equities market but most do not want to get heavily involved until there is a clear direction. […]

One of the Best Gold Watchers

Pierre Lassonde is one of the smartest people in the gold world, and he has the track record to prove it. He’s a former president of Newmont Mining, the world’s largest gold producer, and was […]

Gold Closes $2.40 Higher… ($1160.40)

Today's Gold trade covered a very lack luster $9.40 range as traders may have been side-lined while they await tomorrows Initial Jobless Claims and Export Sales data.

JPMorgan et al Pull the Pin

Tuesday's high price of around $1,187 spot was set early in the London trading session… and by the time that JPMorgan et al began to trade on the Comex in New York, gold was only down […]

Countdown to Gold's $1300 Assault

We remain convinced that gold has yet to make its high for the year, and expect an assault on $1300 to begin in about a month from now. Despite our bullishness, we are not convinced […]

The Strength of Reaction and Precious Implications

This essay is based on the Premium Update posted on July 27th, 2010 In our previous essay entitled Dollar's Never-Ending Plunge and Its Golden Consequence we have analyzed the current situation in the USD Index and its […]

Countdown to Gold's $1300 Assault

We remain convinced that gold has yet to make its high for the year, and expect an assault on $1300 to begin in about a month from now. Despite our bullishness, we are not convinced […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 28th July 2010

Gold was 'Fixed' this morning in London at $1,164 down $20 after yesterday afternoon's short selling in New York.    The gold price has held in Asia and London and New York so far has only […]

Gold Settles $25.10 Lower …($1158.00)

Today's Gold market broke through the $1170.00 support level and traded its lowest level ($1156.90) on the Globex exchange since May 5th. The market lost early gains as U.S economic reports favored the U.S dollar […]

It's 2008 again. So, What's in PLAY?"

1. “The European (stress) tests were a PR exercise just as was America's. They were a waste of time – and journalistic ink.” – Jim Rogers, July 27, 2010 2. “Europe’s prospects brighten as U.S. […]

Hoping for a break

I want to discuss something that came up on the blog Friday. An anonymous poster hinted that we were going to see more gold weakness in the days ahead because big money was having to sell  positions. […]

ECB President John-Claude Trichet Challenges Inflationism

Well, the Monday gold chart looks suspiciously like the Friday gold chart.  In Far East trading, gold gained a few bucks… but shortly after London opened, the selling pressure began.  There was a bit of […]

Metal & Macro Musings

Peak Gold – and we mean price Zinc and lead have been rallying slowly but surely with both breaking through the 95 cts per lb level in recent weeks The Euro crisis is losing steam […]

Gold and Silver's Daily Review for 27th July 2010

Gold was 'Fixed' this morning in London at $1,184 after yesterday afternoon's $1,183.50.   The gold price tried to move away from these numbers with no success, telling us that the physical market in London is […]

Rye Patch Gold Corp. (TSXV: RPM) – Initial Resource Estimate Release for Lincoln Hill Deposit – FINAL REPORT

Investment Highlights An initial resource for the Lincoln Hill deposit has been released stating 0.38 Moz gold and 9.488 Moz silver at a gold equivalent cut off of 0.383 g/t (0.1 opt). Drill results at Lincoln […]

5 Must-Watch Market Signals to Maximize Your Portfolio Returns

[It is important to watch market roadmaps] very closely because they tell you when a fork, a speed bump or U-turn is coming in the markets. They are critical signals, and they should not be […]

Gold Settles $4.70 Lower Today…($1183.10)

The Gold market remains in a technical channel In search of news that will lend momentum either to the upside or downside. We are certainly in the summer dull drums as global investors seek a […]

SP-500, GLD and GDX – Sentiment Trumps Everything

Markets rise when the preponderance of participants are buyers, and fall when the preponderance of participants are sellers.One of the key ways to anticipate the pendulum swings of participant behavior, and therefore price behavior, is […]

How To Be Positioned for SP500, Gold & Oil

The second half of last week we saw some strong price action in the equities market. The SP500 broke through the 5 and 50 day moving averages closing the week just under key resistance levels. […]


Even though there was a lot of bullish news for gold last week, trading in the yellow metal remained mostly muted. The first bit of news that should have had a bullish impact on gold […]

Why do U.S. Asset Managers fear Government Confiscation of gold? Part 1

This is the first part of a series of articles that looks at the possibility of the confiscation of gold by one government or more.   The complete series will be featured in coming issues of […]

Gold Holds The Line

Ben Bernanke spoke this past week and was quite frank during the first day of testimony.  The markets plunged as a result of his talk of the economy being "unusually uncertain". I'm sure his unusually […]