Goldman Sachs Mining News

Bitcoin frenzy poses no threat to bullion, Goldman Sachs says

While bitcoin has shown greater volatility and lower liquidity compared to gold, the $275bn market value of bitcoin is dwarfed by gold’s $8.3 trillion.

Goldman rains on everyone's parade, says commodities rally won’t last

The recent surge in prices of gold, oil and other commodities has come prematurely, says the bank, arguing that lower prices are needed for markets to rebalance.

Morgan, Sachs, Glencore have lawsuit against zinc price conspiracy dismissed

Two of the largest banks in the world and the biggest commodities trader have been found to be innocent of claims that they fixed zinc prices.

Commodity prices have not bottomed yet — Goldman Sachs

Unless demand picks up or more miners cut output, prices for raw materials are set to stay low for years, or worse, continue to drop, the investment bank predicts.

Goldman Sachs abandons physical commodities after coal division sale

The firm began disposing mining assets last year, as prices for most commodities began a downward trend and U.S. regulators increased pressure on banks to get out of risky businesses.

Bank of America has just dumped coal

The banks is reducing its financing for coal mining projects, which now considers too risky.

Goldman Sachs mulls selling Colombia’s coal mines

The sale would put an end to Goldman’s rocky involvement in raw-materials production.

Goldman Sachs getting out of coal, uranium

Goldman Sachs, the biggest trading firm on Wall Street, will wind down its uranium trading business and may sell its coal mine subsidiary in Colombia, according to a Senate report released last week.

U.S. Senate reveals top banks ‘unfair advantage’ in physical commodities business

The two-year investigation concluded that Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan have been manipulating commodity prices.

Bitcoin not 'likely' to work as a currency – Goldman Sachs report

But could change payments technology.

Ten-year gold bonanza may be over: CMP Group

Gold prices will remain high this year, but are unlikely to rise above the record high reached in 2011, says the latest report by U.S.-based mining consultants CPM Group.