Grand Canyon Mining News

Uranium mining near Grand Canyon to remain banned: court

Revoking the ban would have resulted in the development of 26 new uranium mines and 700 uranium exploration projects.

Mining companies stockpile uranium near Grand Canyon

Uranium resources in the so-called Arizona Strip represent about 40% of the US reserves.

Controversial uranium mine near the Grand Canyon put on hold

Energy Fuels Resources cited weak uranium prices and litigation expenses as main reasons.

Uranium mine by the Grand Canyon to reopen despite Obama’s ban

Canadian Energy Fuels Resources aims to restart its Canyon Mine by 2015.

New lawsuit to reverse Grand Canyon uranium mining ban

Canadian mining company Quaterra Alaska and county supervisors in northern Arizona have filed a lawsuit against the US government, aiming to reverse a federal 20-year closure of one million acres of uranium-rich public lands located near the Grand Canyon.

What rhymes with Grand Canyon? Yes, Uranium

The U.S. Nuclear Energy Institute and the National Mining Association (NMA) are demanding the Obama administration to revoke a ban on new uranium mining around the Grand Canyon in Arizona. And they are doing so by suing the U.S. Interior Department, as the organizations announced yesterday.