Graphene Mining News

Codelco and Ennomotive challenged engineers to find creative uses for copper-graphene nanocomposite

Sixty-five engineers from 15 countries came up with ideas.

Brazil launches new mining agency days before Temer steps down

Changes to Brazil’s 50-year-old mining regulations also came in effect Wednesday and include measures that make the country’s industry more competitive and sustainable.

Navy admiral named Brazil’s Minister of Mines and Energy

Albuquerque, 60, will tackle offshore oil licensing rounds and planned energy privatizations.

Amazon's mining treasure at stake as Bolsonaro leads Brazil vote

Jair Bolsonaro is on the cusp of winning Brazil’s presidency, leading the latest polls by double digits, and the mining community is salivating.

Amazon's mining treasure at stake as Bolsonaro leads Brazil vote

The mining community is salivating.

A big graphene industry breakthrough out of Arizona

Arizona based Urbix Resources has produced the first economically viable graphene-enhanced lightweight concrete.

Canadian miner and First Nation work together on “new wonder material” project

Zenyatta and the Constance Lake First Nations join forces.

Battery Minerals hits construction milestones at Montepuez project

Company wants to make sure the mine is in production when the demand and price of graphite takes off, as predicted.

The secret to safer oil & gas pipelines: graphene

Only in the US, corrosion costs the oil and gas industry $1.4 billion a year.

Once-hot material graphene could be next battery breakthrough

The next big thing for batteries may have fizzled out years ago.

Rare earth metal exposes new properties of graphene

Ames Lab scientists are working towards mastering graphene's assembly in combination with other materials.

This firm may make coal’s future a lot brighter

Australia’s Dotz Nano has found a new use for coal that could be a welcome boost to the dying industry, particularly in the US.

These are just 15 ways in which graphene could reshape the world

Everybody seems to love Graphene, the one-atom-thick sheets of carbon that aren't just super flexible, harder than diamond, and stronger than steel, but are also able to conduct electricity better than copper.

Ultra-pure graphene found in graphite deposits in Australia

The world is well-versed in the power of disruptive technologies, but what about disruptive metals?

Graphene and its potential impact on graphite

Over-hyped or game-changer? How the differing views on graphene could result in lack of integration with flake graphite mining

US researchers grow graphene on silver

Finding could result in exceptionally pristine samples, which are ideal to produce ultrafast electronics and advanced optics.

Solar power's platinum problem: graphene solves it

Even minute quantities add up at $1,500 an ounce.

Researchers think they've solved graphene's biggest problem

The lightning-fast material stands a chance of becoming the next best thing in processors.

Forget graphene and diamonds: scientists find new supermaterial

Carbyne is also around twice as stiff as the stiffest known materials.

Graphene makes internet switches 100-times faster

One hundred femtoseconds.

Making money from graphene: beyond the hype

Two main factors are acting as hard brakes on commercial growth.

Researchers create magnetized graphene for first time

The breakthrough will make it possible to create spintronic devices which could lead to revolutionizing the electronics industry.

Scientists create new graphene-based printer ink

Graphene inks have the potential to impact printed, flexible and foldable electronics.

Two-thirds of graphene patents held by just three countries

A "scatter gun approach" to patent filing.