INFOGRAPHIC: Tesla builds largest charging station network Editor | July 14, 2014
tesla infographic feat

Superchargers replenish half a charge in as little as 20 minutes.

Graphite, lithium and REEs vital to hot Tech: Moreno

The Mining Report | July 8, 2014
Essential to hot tech feat

Metals, minerals play critical roles in smartphones, electric vehicles.

Tesla Gigafactory could be boon for graphite, lithium, cobalt: Simon Moores

The Gold Report | June 23, 2014
Tesla’s Gigafactory: Needs 6 new graphite mines, but where will cobalt be sourced?

Tesla has dubbed its $5-billion pet project, the "Gigafactory," and it could be up and running by 2017, prompting the need for battery-grade materials like graphite, lithium and cobalt.

Tesla’s Gigafactory: Needs 6 new graphite mines, but where will cobalt be sourced?

Tesla’s Gigafactory: Needs 6 new graphite mines, but where will cobalt be sourced?

The electric motor company's plans to double the globe's battery output will up graphite demand 152%, but sourcing cobalt outside the Congo could prove difficult.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Could Power Up Lithium and Graphite Producers

The correction in the lithium ETF may be an opportunity for long-term believers in the electrification of automobiles.

Jeb Handwerger: China isn't slowing down, it's buying up (resources, that is)

The Energy Report | March 18, 2014
China isn't slowing down, it's buying up

Headlines about a Chinese economic slowdown may get good web traffic, but the real story is that China is buying up uranium and other resources around the world.

Focus Graphite Inc.: Well Positioned for 'The Next Big Thing' in Graphite

The Mining Report | March 10, 2014

Advances in automotive battery technology are making graphite the next big thing for commodity investors. Graphite is the critical material for the new generation of batteries, even more than lithium or rare earths.

Tesla battery plant will need 6 new flake graphite mines

Industrial Minerals | March 9, 2014
Tesla battery plant will need 6 new flake graphite mines

$5bn ‘gigafactory’ to spark EV uptake; battery graphite demand could double in 6 years with no growth elsewhere.

How to vet graphite investments: Stephen Riddle

The Mining Report | February 20, 2014

Stephen Riddle, CEO of Asbury Graphite Mills Inc., has been in the business long enough to have seen companies come and go, sometimes more than once.

The numbers don't lie: Why the industrial minerals sector is here to stay

The Mining Report | January 28, 2014
The numbers don't lie: Why the industrial minerals sector is here to stay

More than ever, companies, government and academia are forming partnerships to solve a global problem—the ongoing need for scarce critical materials.

Graphene and its potential impact on graphite

Industrial Minerals | January 15, 2014

Over-hyped or game-changer? How the differing views on graphene could result in lack of integration with flake graphite mining

2014 graphite outlook: Price rebound, supply shift and new end uses

The Mining Report | January 14, 2014

China's recent halting of flake graphite production in Pingdu, Shandong, made headlines, and has many investors wondering how supply may shift.

Mason Graphite shares jump 20% on updated resource for Lac Guéret Project

Junior Mining Network | December 5, 2013

Over 1.6 million shares of Mason Graphite(TSX.V: LLG) traded Thursday after the company released an updated mineral resource estimate for its 100% owned Lac Guéret Graphite Project in northeastern Quebec.

Graphite One Resources reports additional drill results from Graphite Creek Property

Junior Mining Network | November 21, 2013

The results of the 2013 drill program were successful in extending mineralization along strike by an additional 850 meters and further confirming continuity.

Richard Karn: Three Australian miners positioned for success

The Mining Report | November 21, 2013

Sometimes the worst of times brings out the best in people. Such is the case in Australia's mining sector.

Mason Graphite off to the races again

Frik Els | November 19, 2013
Mason Graphite off to the races again

Toronto-explorer's 100%-owned Lac Guéret graphite property in Québec has some high-profile backers.

Play the market bottom and focus on energy commodities: Chris Berry

The Mining Report | November 10, 2013

Commodities are and always will be a cyclical market, asserts Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners. That's why he's not sweating disappointing stock performance and flat pricing environments.

How the exploration industry paved the future of graphite

Industrial Minerals | October 19, 2013

A look at how the failures of graphite producers sparked price volatility and an exploration boom and yet they are set to be the main beneficiaries.

Tommy Humphreys

Canada Carbon has nuclear graphite, CEO Bruce Duncan explains

Tommy Humphreys | October 15, 2013

The market for high quality graphite and nuclear graphite in particular is much bigger than the brokerage industry in Canada assumes, according to Duncan.

Researchers think they've solved graphene's biggest problem

Ana Komnenic | August 21, 2013

The lightning-fast material stands a chance of becoming the next best thing in processors.

Graphite price volatility set to continue, says Industrial Minerals Data

Industrial Minerals | July 23, 2013

Price for critical mineral used in electric vehicles and steel refractories at $1,350/tonne.

Graphite demand down 27%

Ana Komnenic | July 16, 2013

Prices and production down.

Getting to know graphite: an interview with Vancouver-based Valterra Resource Corp

Anthony Halley | June 18, 2013
Valterra 333

"200 times stronger than steel, more conductive than copper."

TIMCAL suspends production at Quebec graphite mine

Anthony Halley | June 18, 2013
quebec map

"We have suspended mining owing to high inventory levels."

Flake graphite prices have bottomed

The Metals Report | May 28, 2013

Industrial minerals analyst Simon Moores says now is the time to look for responsible junior graphite miners that base their economics on current (lower) prices

The coming demand for silicon

Michael Allan McCrae | May 15, 2013
growing demand for silicon

Optimistic and conservative projections both show wins.

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