GRAPHITE Mining News

ZEN runs environmental baseline studies for Ontario graphite project

The miner is collaborating with the Constance Lake First Nation to incorporate traditional knowledge into the assessments.

Automakers invest heavily in electric vehicles despite still-low demand

Officials said their companies are charging ahead with a flurry of new electric vehicle models, citing rising regulatory requirements globally.

Electric-vehicle tax credits get a bipartisan boost in senate

The legislation would grant automakers a $7,000 tax credit for an additional 400,000 vehicles after they reach the 200,000 vehicle cap.

Walkabout Resources' stock rises as it tees-up Asian off-takers for its graphite

The company has entered its second binding offtake agreement in two weeks, contracting to sell 10,000 tonnes of large and jumbo flake graphite concentrate to a private company in China.

Nouveau Monde raises C$10m for Matawinie development

The company has arranged a private placement with Pallinghurst Graphite that will raise C$10.3m for continued work on the Matawinie graphite project in Quebec.

Europe aims to take its place on the global EV battery production stage

Europe has a dedicated €600 million stream of projects on raw materials. A lot of it is about innovation in the technologies used in mines.

Southern Madagascar emerging as global hub for battery-suitable graphite

Recent exploration in Southern Madagascar has identified the Ampanihy structure zone as what could soon become a global hub of battery-suitable graphite.

Australia launches Critical Minerals Strategy 2019 focused on innovation and tech

The plan puts emphasis on emphasis on agritech, aerospace, defense, renewable energy and telecommunications.

MAC says mining needs government support to enhance competitiveness

Capital investment in the mining sector has declined each year since 2012, with investment intentions for 2018 in line with this trend.

Gold and graphene now used in biosensors to detect diseases

Scientists took what they call a "first step" toward creating ultrasensitive biosensors to detect the disorders that cause affections such as Alzheimer's disease.

SGS launches FAST solutions for the mineral industry

Field Analytical Services and Testing (FAST), is launching in North America and Australia.

Canada’s mining sector at a crossroads — report

Canada's mining sector is going through dramatic change, but the industry remains bullish on growth, and miners increasingly believe innovation and advances in technology will reshape the industry.

Mine tailings could be used to produce cement replacement material

ZEN Graphene Solutions and UBC-O join forces in innovative project.

Cost parity by 'early 2020s' will be electric vehicle tipping point

Improving battery technologies will mean that even long-haul trucks could be economically electrified during the second half of the next decade.

Northern Graphite to increase Bissett Creek’s production by 20%

The increase would mean integrating an initial production rate of approximately 25,000 tonnes per year into its development plans.

Megafactories buildout could up nickel demand in batteries 19 fold—Benchmark

Benchmark's MD Simon Moore told the Senate Committee on energy that 70 battery megafactories are in global production – up from 17 .

US govt study sees electric car sales stuck in slow lane

And that's all the way to 2050.

Electric cars seen getting cleaner even where grids rely on coal

The global share of zero-carbon electricity generation is set to increase from 38 percent last year to 63 percent by 2040.

China carbon industry to face severe overcapacity — association

Carbon products are widely used in sectors such as metallurgy, chemicals, aviation and renewable energy.

Progress reported with graphite, vanadium projects on two continents

Dan Weir, executive chairman of DNI Metals, speaks about the progress his company has made with its graphite project in Madagascar, as well as developments with its Alberta project.

EV battery recycling – can it plug the gap?

Uncertainty around future battery technologies and chemistries mean that 'future-proof' recycling technologies need to be developed.

Northern Graphite tweaks Bissett Creek numbers

The after tax NPV at an 8% discount is now $198 million.

Mason updates economics in Lac Gueret FS

At 17.9% graphitic carbon, the Lac Gueret deposit is likely one of the highest grade graphite deposits in the world.

The battery boom to attract $620 billion in investment by 2040

The global energy-storage market will surge to a cumulative 942 gigawatts by 2040.

You'll need 286 pounds of coal to fuel that electric road trip

As electric vehicles slowly become a bigger part of the global fleet, questions about mileage and fuel efficiency are going to become more apposite.