GRAPHITE Mining News

Richard Karn: Three Australian miners positioned for success

Sometimes the worst of times brings out the best in people. Such is the case in Australia's mining sector.

Mason Graphite off to the races again

Toronto-explorer's 100%-owned Lac Guéret graphite property in Québec has some high-profile backers.

Play the market bottom and focus on energy commodities: Chris Berry

Commodities are and always will be a cyclical market, asserts Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners. That's why he's not sweating disappointing stock performance and flat pricing environments.

How the exploration industry paved the future of graphite

A look at how the failures of graphite producers sparked price volatility and an exploration boom and yet they are set to be the main beneficiaries.

Canada Carbon has nuclear graphite, CEO Bruce Duncan explains

The market for high quality graphite and nuclear graphite in particular is much bigger than the brokerage industry in Canada assumes, according to Duncan.

Researchers think they've solved graphene's biggest problem

The lightning-fast material stands a chance of becoming the next best thing in processors.

Graphite price volatility set to continue, says Industrial Minerals Data

Price for critical mineral used in electric vehicles and steel refractories at $1,350/tonne.

Graphite demand down 27%

Prices and production down.

Getting to know graphite: an interview with Vancouver-based Valterra Resource Corp

"200 times stronger than steel, more conductive than copper."

TIMCAL suspends production at Quebec graphite mine

"We have suspended mining owing to high inventory levels."

Flake graphite prices have bottomed

Industrial minerals analyst Simon Moores says now is the time to look for responsible junior graphite miners that base their economics on current (lower) prices

The coming demand for silicon

Optimistic and conservative projections both show wins.

One-atom-thick layer of germanium to challenge graphene in future electronics

Germanium and graphene battle for the future of electronics.

Two-thirds of graphene patents held by just three countries

A "scatter gun approach" to patent filing.

VIDEO: Most batteries contain 10 times more graphite than lithium

Strongest material known to man

Titanium is 'interesting'

Graphite still has legs.

Benoit Gascon: an insider's take on the complicated graphite market

Insight into the complicated graphite market

Graphite stock strategies for a second bubble

In this interview with The Metals Report, David Skarica compares the graphite space to the rare earth and uranium arenas

Canada Carbon to acquire past producing lump/vein graphite property and Two Flake graphite properties

Canada Carbon to acquire past producing lump/vein graphite property and Two Flake graphite properties.

Alabama Graphite Corp. drills a 152.4m (410 ft) intercept at its Coosa graphite project, Alabama

Included in this sample: 152.4m (410 feet) interval was 9.14m (30 feet) grading 3.55% Cg and 19.81m (65 feet) grading 3.78% Cg.

Uragold closes the sale of the Asbury Graphite property to Canada Carbons

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement dated August 29th, 2012 Uragold received a total cash payment of $300,000 CDN and 5,000,000 common shares of Canada Carbon Inc.

Valterra Returns 65.6% of carbon content into jumbo & large flake graphite fractions in metallurgical grab sample at Bobcaygeon

Analysis returned returned the following highlights: 65.6% graphite reported to jumbo and large flake size fraction classifications including 45.6% jumbo flake (+48 mesh or > 0.297mm).

Focus Graphite initiates legal recourse

The company has announced it is exercising a legal recourse against certain parties with respect to a transaction with the company for the Labrador Trough group of properties.

Yale researchers discover diamond planet twice the size of the Earth

A team of U.S-Franco scientists led by Yale University hit the jackpot by discovering not just another celestial body near the Earth, but one that it is likely to be covered in diamonds and it is twice the size of our planet.

Big flakes finish first in the graphite market

Flakes are king in the graphite space, where large flake commands a substantial premium. But the path to production can be long and twisted, with many moving parts.