Greenland Mining News

As ice melts, Greenland could become big sand exporter – study

Worldwide demand for sand totalled about 9.55 billion tonnes in 2017 with a market value of $99.5 billion and is projected to reach almost $481 billion in 2100.

Bluejay Mining enters final permitting stages for massive ilmenite project in Greenland

Dundas is the world's highest grade deposit of ilmenite. Bluejay expects an initial output of around 50,000 tonnes, which will increase to 300,000 tonnes per year.

Mining firms from China to Canada watch as Greenland holds election

China already actively seeking opportunities.

Mining firms from China to Canada watch as Greenland holds election

Chinese interest in Greenland comes after Beijing expressed ambitions to form a "Polar Silk Road" by developing shipping lanes opened up by global warming.

Last hurrah for the zinc price

The price of zinc fell to a four month low on Thursday – there's much more pain to come says new report.

Zinc project in Greenland receives Chinese backing

China Nonferrous Metal Mining Group is a state-owned Chinese corporation with mines in Zambia, Mongolia and Thailand.

Greenland closer to building world’s fifth-largest uranium mine

The Kvanefjeld project would also be the world’s second-biggest rare earths operation.

Tiny Australian junior gets permit for Greenland's first large new mine 

Ironbark Zinc Limited (ASX:IBG) is developing one of the world's largest lead-zinc deposits.

Agreement gives uranium mining in Greenland a boost

Good news for Greenland Minerals and Energy, which is aiming to develop a massive uranium and REE deposit in southern Greenland.

Did a tough stance on rare earth minerals cost the opposition the Greenlandic election?

Greenland's ruling Siumut party narrowly won Saturday's elections that were called two months ago when its leader, the former premier Aleqa Hammond, was forced to resign amid allegations that she misused public funds.

First ruby and pink sapphire mine coming soon to Greenland

True North Gems expects to start production towards the end of winter of 2015.

Greenland explorer tearing it up after assays

Vancouver-based junior jumps 7% after assays from prospect on 3,600km2 coastal property returns strong copper-nickel-cobalt and platinum group results.

True North Gems secures $11 million finance package for the Aappaluttoq Ruby Project in SW Greenland

Company says the agreement will provide additional resources to transition quickly into the construction phase of the project.

Greenland embraces mining rush, but won’t ‘favour one country alone’ — Prime Minister

Arctic region's vast riches set to attract over $100 billion in investments over the next decade.

VMS Ventures expects full production this spring at its Reed Copper Mine

"This means we are looking for projects"

Greenland iron ore mine gets green light

"New projects in iron ore currently do face funding challenges."

Greenland says yes to uranium mining

Parliament voted Thursday to end a decades-long ban on mining for radioactive materials.

Greenland to revise polemic mining law

The ruling’s most controversial point is the one that allows miners to potentially bring hundreds of foreign workers into the country.

Shares of Greenland explorer on a wild ride after drill results

Punters not sure what to make of North American Nickel's latest find in Greenland kick it 17% higher only to let it fall deep into the red.

Greenland offers exploration homerun potential

Greenland’s becoming the new frontier for those in the mining industry who explore for, find, and develop (to a certain point) the world’s future mines.

Anorthosite has huge three market potential

Rare earths abound in Greenland — one of the last frontiers for resource extraction.

Denmark to decide whether Greenland can start mining uranium

A majority in the Danish parliament is reportedly ready to allow the extraction and exports of the radioactive element from Greenland, which represents a historical shift in Danish foreign policy, after 30 years of opposition to nuclear power.

No Dutch disease in Greenland

Greenlanders may reap the possible benefits of an international push to exploit its abundant natural resources.

Greenland rare earths: PM would welcome 'thousands of Chinese workers'

Autonomous Danish territory is "too reliant" on fisheries and EU subsidies.

Greenland can, but doesn’t want to, be globe’s new top rare earth producer

Greenland’s treasure trove of rare earth metals, the largest deposit outside of China, cannot be mined because the elements are connected to restricted radioactive materials.