Guatemala Mining News

Tahoe’s Escobal silver mine output at high end of 2014 expectations

The mine generated 20.3 million ounces (moz) of silver contained in concentrates recovered from 1.246 million tonnes of ore at an average grade of 585 grams per tonne (gpt).

Miners in Guatemala to pay ten times more royalties

President Otto Perez Molina has approved a new rule passed by the Congress last week, which rises taxes to transnational miners operating in the country from 1% to 10%.

Guatemala’s huge mining royalty hike makes Tahoe unhappy

The country’s congress passed Friday legislation to increase mining royalties from 5% to 10%.

Guatemalans file lawsuit against Canadian Tahoe Resources for 2013 shooting

Seven Guatemalan men have filed a civil lawsuit in a Vancouver court against Canadian mining company Tahoe Resources Inc. for injuries they suffered last year when the miner’s security personnel opened fire on them at close range.

UN urges talks following violent Guatemala mining protest

A local resistance movement has been trying to stop development of El Tambor gold mine.

Alberta most attractive mining destination in Canada, third worldwide

Other two Canadian jurisdictions —New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador— also made it to the top 10 worldwide. Kyrgyzstan and Venezuela, named the two countries mining enthusiasts should stay away from.

Tahoe’s Escobal silver mine reaches commercial production

Analysts say it could soon become one of the world’s largest producers of the precious metal.

Tahoe reports quarterly earnings after Escobal's first production

Tahoe expects to ramp-up to full production of 3,500 tonnes per day by the first quarter of 2014.

Tahoe wants to put the record straight on Guatemala mine

The mine is expected to produce 20 million ounces a year when it goes into operation next year, but the project has been plagued by violence and unrest.

Guatemalan appeals court challenges Tahoe’s Escobal mine license

The ruling was announced around 11:30 am ET in a press conference held by a local environmentalist group.

Canadian HudBay could face Guatemalan lawsuits at home

The three lawsuits against the miner over alleged shootings and gang rapes at a Guatemalan project will be allowed to proceed in Canada.

Tahoe says Guatemala ban on new licenses won't affect silver project

Central American nation is rewriting mining law and wants to suspend new mining and exploration licences for two years.

Ontario Securities Commission asked to probe Tahoe Resources for alleged violence in Guatemala

Company's staff faces claims of obstructing justice and ordering to shoot protestors.

Australian miners to invest $140bn in Latin America, but region disappoints

The five main investment-grade markets — Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia— have been expanding below projections or showing signs of weakness.

Guatemala declares state of emergency over anti-mining riots

Protesters are up in arms against Tahoe Resources' Escobal flagship project.

Mining license for Canada's Tahoe Resources in Guatemala did not consider murder probe pending

After more than two years of delay, the Guatemalan Minister of Energy and Mines (MEM) announced it had approved the exploitation license for Tahoe Resources’ Escobal mine in San Rafael Las Flores, Guatemala.

Latin America chooses mining investment over environment: report

Study reveals some Latin American countries are racing to attract foreign investors eager to cash in on natural resources.

Fraser Institute ranks Finland and Sweden top mining destinations

Meanwhile try avoiding Indonesia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Guatemala, Philippines, and Greece, says Canada's leading public policy think-tank.

Fresh protests against Eldorado Gold’s Hellas mine in Greece

Citizens’ groups, backed by the radical leftist party Syriza that is now the second largest group in parliament, have been trying to wreck the project since 2011, when Eldorado was granted its exploration licence.

Goldcorp's mine in El Salvador a ‘threat’ to human rights: government

Country wants the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) to help it stop Goldcorp's Cerro Blanco project.

Canada’s Goldcorp operations in Guatemala under the microscope

An in-depth documentary by AlJazeera TV analyses the main human rights and environmental claims against the miner.

FUN BREAK: Geologist unmasks Mayan ‘apocalypse’ myth

Doomsayers may surely be relieved to read the latest posts by geologist Wayne Sedawie, who for years has travelled and investigated ancient Mayan sites, as he explains why the end of the world is not a month away.

Tahoe reports civil unrest from outsiders at its Guatemala’s Escobal silver mine

Vancouver-based Tahoe Resources Inc. said Wednesday construction activities on the power line for the Escobal silver project in Guatemala were disrupted by a mob intent on forcing the company to end construction.

Tahoe reports civil unrest from outsiders at Escobal

Tahoe announced today that construction activities on the power line for the Escobal project and at the project site were disrupted by a mob intent on forcing the company to cease construction.

Guatemala seeks 40% stake of all mining companies

Like most of Latin America, Guatemala is to increase control over natural resources, with President Otto Perez Molina proposing a Constitutional reform that will make possible for the for the government to acquire up to 40% of the mining and exploration companies operating in the country.