Hancock Prospecting Mining News

Ecuador expects $1 billion in mining revenues for 2018

Back in September, the expectation for 2018 was of $488 million in revenues from industrial mining.

Australia’s record-breaking mining exports hint of new sector boom

Higher commodity exports delivered a record trade surplus of $3.5 billion in December, the second monthly trade surplus Australia has recorded in nearly three years.

Major Aussie miners BHP, Hancock to mine in Ecuador — report

Ecuador began last month granting licences for new exploration areas, with over 300 of them to be awarded by the year-end.

Aussie iron ore magnate Rinehart invests in UK's biggest potash mine

Sirius Minerals’ York mine is expected to be one of the world’s largest in terms of the amount of resources extracted, generating an initial 10 million tonnes of polyhalite per year.

Aussie iron ore magnate Rinehart takes her children to court again

The move comes about 17 months after her children — John Hancock and Bianca Rinehart — won control of the family fund.

World’s biggest iron ore port shut as cyclone to hit Australia

BHP Billiton began evacuating workers from its Port Hedland export facilities early Friday.

Aussie billionaire Rinehart wins court battle with Rio Tinto

The mining giant will have to pay her more than $200 million in royalties and court fees.

Iron ore tycoon Gina Rinehart loses $3.8bn legal battle

She lost control of the family trust, which holds almost 25% of iron ore miner Hancock Prospecting.

Australian mining tycoon Rinehart makes a $3.2m bet on gold

The country's richest woman has decided to back a junior miners' joint venture in Victoria.

Queensland wants coal waste to be dumped onshore, not near reef

The state government submitted an application to the federal government for 3mn m³ of dredging material to be disposed on land.

Rinehart's Roy Hill starts owner-operator mining

When Australia's richest person launched the ambitious $10 billion, 55m tonnes a year project iron ore was trading at more than $130 a tonne.