Honduras Mining News

Maverix to buy most of the silver from Ascendant’s Honduran mine

The Vancouver-based company will make an advance payment of $7.5 million for the right to purchase 22.5% of the silver produced from El Mochito mine.

The security risks of mining in Latin America

Americas Market Intelligence says companies need to do their due diligence.

Protesters force Aura Minerals to suspend operations in Honduras

The company says limited access to a new area it wants to exploit makes the San Andrés mine unprofitable.

Landslide at Honduran mine kills four

Four people died and five were injured following a landslide at an artisanal gold mine in the town of El Retiro.

Gold miner in Honduras must stop exhuming bodies from cemetery – lawyer

The Honduran subsidiary of Aura Minerals has angered the citizens of the town of Azacualpa by removing over 350 corpses from a cemetery to make space for its San Andres open-pit gold mine.

Aura Minerals wants to reactivate projects under care and maintenance

The miner is working towards reactivating its Aranzazu and São Francisco gold projects in Mexico and Brazil, respectively.

FUN BREAK: Geologist unmasks Mayan ‘apocalypse’ myth

Doomsayers may surely be relieved to read the latest posts by geologist Wayne Sedawie, who for years has travelled and investigated ancient Mayan sites, as he explains why the end of the world is not a month away.

Lack of mining law costs Honduras US$3 billion

Over $3 billion and near 15,000 job positions. That is the cost to Honduras, the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, as a result of a lack of rules for mining companies operating or wishing to explore in the country.