HUNGARY Mining News

Hungary boosts gold reserves 10-fold, citing safety concerns

Hungary’s central bank increased its gold reserves 10-fold, citing the need to improve its holdings’ safety, joining regional peers with relatively high ownership in the European Union’s east.

Dr Doom: Be afraid, but not very afraid of emerging market crises

While many emerging markets are teetering right now, noted economist Nouriel Roubini says chance of a fully-fledged crisis is low.

Solar cells could achieve record-breaking efficiency via quantum confinement

Researchers from the USA and Hungary are developing solar cells capable of record-breaking levels of efficiency via the manipulation of nano-particles.

Eerie photos in the wake of Hungary’s toxic aluminum spill

Spanish photographer Palindromo Meszaros has released a series of haunting photos depicting the devastating impact of a toxic aluminum spill in 2010 upon forests and rural communities in Western Hungary.

£500m of plundered art hidden in German silver mine

An expedition to uncover £500 million of missing artwork looted by the Nazis during the Second World War has been launched in Germany.

Environmental concerns and increasing electricity demand are boosting the nuclear energy market

Supplying over 31% of electricity demand, nuclear energy plays a key role in the EU’s generation structure, and emerges as a comprehensive and cost-effective generating option. In fact, it has the potential to reduce carbon […]

River diversion for surface mining by Gábor Mérö, Trelleborg Building Systems

When managers at Kolubara, Serbia’s largest coal mine, began talking about widening their operations, they immediately ran into a rather large snag – there was a river in the way. Challenge: To expand Serbia’s largest […]