Hydraulic Fracturing Mining News

BHP takes largest-ever write-down on US shale operation

The world’s largest miner announced Friday a roughly $7.2 billion pretax charge against its U.S. onshore energy assets

NCPA publishes U.S. map of successful anti-fracking campaigns

Research shows campaigns to ban fracking are widespread.

BHP Billiton beats iron ore guidance, takes copper write-downs

The world's No.1 miner will continue boosting its iron ore output, adding to a global glut and keeping pressure on prices.

BHP Billiton to take a $2.8 billion write-down on US assets

With this impairment BHP will have written down its oil and gas business by more than $4 billion since 2011.

First time ever: Gas overtakes coal in US power mix

Already battered by increasingly onerous regulations on pollution from power generation, U.S. coal miners are now suffering the impact of cheap natural gas on the industry.

Fracking has no 'widespread' impact on drinking water — EPA

But findings could have been limited due to insufficient amount of data and the presence of other possible contaminates that made it impossible to conclude fracking's effects on certain areas, says EPA.

Half of U.S. fracking companies will be dead or sold by the end of this year

Half of the 41 fracking companies operating in the U.S. will be dead or sold by year-end because of slashed spending by oil companies, an executive with Weatherford International Plc said.

Obama unveils long-awaited fracking rules

The updated regulations, in the works since 2012, set standards for wells and disposal of wastewater. They also require disclosure of chemicals used.

Nova Scotia to use fracking waste at cement plant

Five million litres of wastewater will be disposed at the Brookfield-based plant following a successful pilot project earlier this spring.

Kinder Morgan wins battle over pipeline expansion in Canada

The National Energy Board said Kinder Morgan can conduct survey work at Burnaby Mountain, despite opposition from the city.

Canada’s Nova Scotia introduces ruling to ban fracking

The proposed law, however, would allow fracking for testing and research purposes.

5 ways fracking improves life for Americans

Engineer/environmentalist explains why 'frack' shouldn't be considered a dirty word.

Canadian government ‘not pleased’ with Nova Scotia’s plans to ban fracking

The Atlantic province will introduce legislation to prohibit high-volume hydraulic fracturing for onshore shale gas this fall.

Kinder Morgan merges assets in $70-billion deal

The merger is the largest in the energy sector in the last 15 years.

Half the UK now open up for fracking

Special protection will be given to national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty and world heritage sites, says the government.

Germany to resume fracking by 2015 under tougher environmental norms

After a two-year moratorium,, Germany is ready to allow fracking and so reduce the country's dependency on Russian energy.

Canadian studies endorsing fracking highly flawed — critics

The two documents released Tuesday conclude the debated extraction process just needs to be closely monitored and properly regulated.

Billions of barrels-worth of shale oil found in southern England

The discovery has already pushed British authorities to start mulling plans to ease rules on accessing shale oil and gas, including drilling without landowners' permission.

EPA considers stricter disclosure on fracking fluids

The agency will begin soliciting comment on whether companies should publicly list the chemicals used to extract fuels out of the ground.

Russia is getting queasy about Ukraine's shale plans

Ukraine has two major shale gas production deals with Chevron and Shell.

Oklahoma fracking operations forced to disclose chemicals used

Former regulations only targeted horizontal wells, the most common in the state.

US oil output to reach near record high in 2016

Mainly thanks to improvements in the techniques of horizontal drilling and fracking, says the EIA.

National Energy Board tells companies to publicly disclose hydraulic fracturing fluid recipes

Hydraulic fracturing blends are often exempt from disclosure because they're considered a trade secret.

Botswana comes clean on fracking licences after documentary

It's allegedly happening in environmentally sensitive areas, such as the world’s largest elephant herds habitat.