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INFOGRAPHIC: The true costs of artisanal mining

Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) has become a major of revenue for millions of people in about 80 countries worldwide, with more than 100 million people currently depending on the activity for their livelihoods. But at what costs?

INFOGRAPHIC: The world's most famous diamonds

Here's a list of the 99 most famous diamonds ever found, grouped by region.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold's biggest winning and losing streaks

JMBullion details Gold’s biggest gain and lose streaks dating back to Nixon’s 1971 shutdown of Bretton Woods.

INFOGRAPHIC: The world's largest mining machines

Heavy machines around the world.

Ladies (and gentlemen) prefer coloured diamonds

The market for coloured gemstones is on fire, with pink diamonds, rubies and sapphires achieving record prices. This infographic sheds some light on the situation.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to ensure your diamond is conflict free

Jeff Gear, the owner of Gear Jewellers Dublin, submitted this infographic that explores the realities of the blood diamond industry.

Here is what India needs to effectively manage gold demand — interview

Somasundaram PR, Managing Director of the World Gold Council India, peels back the underlying weakness of India’s gold trade in an interview with

This is why India needs a gold policy — WGC

There are at least seven good reasons, says the World Gold Council.

INFOGRAPHIC: Here is why you should buy $100 worth of gold and silver

Most people have the sense that the dollar isn’t worth what it used to be, but they may not grasp what this means in real terms.

INFOGRAPHIC: The value of diamonds in real world vs in Minecraft

The value of diamonds seems to have transcended our physical world and taken a privileged place in the universe of Minecraft, an increasingly popular Lego style adventure game.

INFOGRAPHIC: Atmospheres of the solar system

Venus's atmosphere is not hospitable.

INFOGRAPHIC: A short biography of sterling silver

We know so little about 925 silver jewellery and its place in the fashion world. Much of the fashion jewellery online nowadays are made from sterling silver jewellery. Here’s a short history on silver:  

Infographic: 15 greatest gold heists of all time

There have been multiple occurrences in history where evildoers have breached security measures and gold has fallen into the wrong hands.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to test for fake Gold and Silver

While difficult to fake there have been a few concerning cases of gold counterfeit as of late. Here's how to detect imitations.

INFOGRAPHIC: A forecast of when the world's resources will run out

Here is one interpretation of how much is left on Earth.

Here is how Australia spent its mining boom bonanza

Economists say the mining boom increased Australian living standards substantially.

INFOGRAPHIC: Swiss bank accounts

As of late, the American government has been cracking down on tax evaders and those that aid them.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to short penny stocks

Short selling is not an incredibly complex process.

INFOGRAPHIC: 2014′s most promising alternative energy trends

The business world has recognized a need for viable alternative energy solutions, and investors are now pouring in their cash.

INFOGRAPHIC: The 10 most expensive engineering projects ever attempted

No mining projects made the cut.

INFOGRAPHIC: Iron Ore—The strength behind the world’s leading industries

The value of iron ore produced in the US. amounted to $5 billion last year.

INFOGRAPHIC: Blood diamonds still a problem from hell

While diamonds are the most strictly checked raw materials in the world, there is a certain amount of illegally traded gems that make it into the market.

INFOGRAPHIC: How much do metallurgists make

All the way up to director/VP.

INFOGRAPHIC: Counting down silver's uses

But you can't rhyme it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Becoming a mine engineer

The career of a mining engineer - from education to salary information.