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INFOGRAPHIC: The definitive history of Bitcoin

All about the crypto-currency.

INFOGRAPHIC: Global gold mine and deposit rankings 2013

All those 1 million oz and above deposits.

INFOGRAPHIC: Meet the 10 men behind China's river of gold

China is stealthily accumulating gold bullion at the most amazing rate

INFOGRAPHIC: Moving tonnes of earth for a gram of gold

The amount of iron ore processed in a year compared to the total amount of gold ever extracted.

INFOGRAPHIC: The meteorite hunt

A visualization by Christian Goss that analyzes the connection between where meteorites have been found and who is interested in doing research on them. This infographic was a staff pick at Visually. Meteorites image by The […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How mining impacts Ontario's economy

200,000 jobs.

Little-known facts about the importance of silver in technology

This infographic by SBC Gold shows how silver has wended its way into many key technologies.

Ranking America's oil-richest states

List starts at Louisiana at number 10.

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin mining by country, by operating system

India is a solid red of bitcoin enthusiasts.

INFOGRAPHIC: China's tighter grip on gold

Charting China's growing economic power and its firmer embrace of gold.

INFOGRAPHIC: The platinum series continued

Part two of the platinum series explores supply and demand.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold losses by region in 2013

When the bottom fell out.

INFROGRAPHIC: How to tell if that silver jewelry is genuine or fake

Quick tips. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community – Visually. Image by DDohler's photostream

The history of platinum

A history of "little silver."

INFOGRAPHIC: The commodity supercycle

China makes a lot of stuff.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold production costs around the globe

Production costs and big upcoming gold projects.

INFOGRAPHIC: Is deep sea mining worth the risk?

The pros and cons of extraction from the seabed.

INFOGRAPHIC: The ten biggest oil and gas companies

Did you know that TOP 10 oil and gas companies produce over 56.6 million barrels per day?

INFOGRAPHIC: get the real price of anything using gold

Gold's steady purchasing power makes it an ideal pricing mechanism.

A history of gold confiscation [INFOGRAPHIC]

As speculation that the Obama administration may confiscate gold rises, this infographic reminds us that gold confiscation is nothing new.

INFOGRAPHIC: Dominating the first 100 days in a foreign market

Critical steps to make a business expansion succesful.

INFOGRAPHIC: What's causing the US debt

An even one-third split between the three major drivers

INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding a Bitcoin transaction

"Bob, an online merchant, decides to begin accepting bitcoins as payment. Alice, a buyer, has bitcoins and wants to purchase merchandise from Bob."

INFOGRAPHIC: The history of silver

The story of this legendary precious metal begins with its use by ancient civilizations.

INFOGRAPHIC: Fluorspar, essential for modern life

The mineral fluorspar is now more important - and expensive - than ever.