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INFOGRAPHIC: Nickel, where form meets function

While best known for it's use in the 5 cent coin, nickel has farm more strategic uses.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold as an investment

Four for four. The ever brilliant Visual Capitalist is here with its final gold infographic.

Infographic: Iron, the core of the developing world

Did you know that 95% of all the metal produced per year is Iron? You do now and thanks to the brilliant infographics of Visual Capitalist.

Infographic: copper the essential metal part II

With exploration forced to higher risk areas and growing Chinese demand, Visual Capitalist explores why copper prices have increased by 400% in the last decade.

Infographic: is natural gas North America's energy future or just hot air?

New technology, and recent gas reserve discoveries, have altered the conversation about North American energy. Fortunately Visual Capitalist has put together a clever infographic outlining the demand, market and supply of natural gas.

2012: the best year so far for manganese and here is why

This year could be the best for manganese producers, the 4th most traded metal in the world, according to Visual Capitalist.

The next American gold rush has a destination: Nevada

Visual Capitalist has put together an infographic explaining why the silver state of Nevada seems now to be the home of the largest gold rush ever experienced in US history.

Infographic: the mining and supply of gold

Visualcapitalist has put together an infographic on the the mining and milling of gold.

Meet graphene, the material of the future

One of the strongest materials known to date – a sheet as thin as paper is strong enough to support an elephant and it can also stretch like rubber. The amazing metal is attracting researchers worldwide who want to find new applications for this revolutionary material.

Infographic: The lithium ion battery

Visualcapitalist has crafted an infographic on the Lithium Ion battery and how it will shape the future.

Infographic: The history of gold

Visualcapitalist has put together an infographic on the history of gold from the pharaohs to the Fed .

Expat execs in Africa: Without 'danger pay' how does the money stack up now?

Africa's economic indicators are all pointing up, but executive pay packages and living arrangements for expatriates are changing too.

Pipeline pictured: The Keystone XL infographic

Confused about the political machinations surrounding the Keystone XL pipeline, or baffled by talk of crude oil discount rates, Oklahoma bottlenecks and Texas Gulf refining capacities?

Infographic: Investing in gold

Blueglass, an internet marketing agency, produced the following infographic tracing the history of gold investing. Readers are asked to draw their own conclusions as to whether gold is a suitable investment tool.

Infographic: Warren Buffet, aliens on Mars and gold

The sage of Omaha's investment strategies have been well documented but he's no fan of gold...

Infographic: Let's get physical – almost everything you wanted to know about gold vaults

A look at how global investor demand has shifted to physical gold held in vaults over the past decade.

A pretty infographic to take on the Kimberley Process reported on how opponents and proponents of hydraulic fracturing were using videos and infographics to argue their case. Now a London jeweler, Ingle and Rhode, is taking on the Kimberely Process and using an infographic to explain why, according to the company, that the standard is not up to snuff.

From energy footnote to oil giant: Infographing the Canadian oil boom

Infographics design firm Visual Capitalist has constructed a very interesting infographic on the Canadian oil boom. Thanks mostly to the northern Alberta oilsands, the amount of crude oil underneath Canadian soil or waters has gushed from a mere 7 billion barrels a decade ago to an astonishing 175 billion barrels. The only countries with more crude oil than Canada are Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

Fracking explained negatively

In an escalating media war, the makers of the movie Gasland put together a good looking infographic to get out their message that hydraulic fracturing is bad.

An illustrated look at rare earth elements that power our electronic devices

Innovation News Daily published an infographic of energy critical rare earth elements.

Infographic: The roots of gold investments

Trustable Gold has an interesting infographic that visualizes the above-ground stock of gold, the sources of gold broken and the uses of gold.

Everything you have ever wanted to know about gold: illustrated

NumberSleuth produced a fantastic gold infographic illustrating all the major trends: how much above-ground gold (gold that has been mined) is there in all the world, and how much gold gets mined per year worldwide?

California leads the way in gold and silver sales on eBay

After launching its eBay bullion center in May, the online retailer published a handy infographic this summer to look at buying trends. Looking at absolute number of items sold, California leads the way, probably due to the size of the state, but on a per capita basis, Alaska comes first. The study also found that silver items were the most popular, followed by gold. Platinum was a distant third.