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INFOGRAPHIC: How diamonds are mined

The last kimberlite eruption occurred over 25 million years ago.

INFOGRAPHIC: Atmospheres of the solar system

Venus's atmosphere is not hospitable.

INFOGRAPHIC: Swiss bank accounts

As of late, the American government has been cracking down on tax evaders and those that aid them.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to short penny stocks

Short selling is not an incredibly complex process.

INFOGRAPHIC: How much do metallurgists make

All the way up to director/VP.

INFOGRAPHIC: Counting down silver's uses

But you can't rhyme it.

INFOGRAPHIC: The definitive history of Bitcoin

All about the crypto-currency.

INFOGRAPHIC: Global gold mine and deposit rankings 2013

All those 1 million oz and above deposits.

INFOGRAPHIC: Meet the 10 men behind China's river of gold

China is stealthily accumulating gold bullion at the most amazing rate

INFOGRAPHIC: Moving tonnes of earth for a gram of gold

The amount of iron ore processed in a year compared to the total amount of gold ever extracted.

INFOGRAPHIC: Arc-Flash accidents protection

Recent studies show that as many as 10 U.S. workers are killed or injured everyday in arc flash accidents.

INFOGRAPHIC: How mining impacts Ontario's economy

200,000 jobs.

Little-known facts about the importance of silver in technology

This infographic by SBC Gold shows how silver has wended its way into many key technologies.

Ranking America's oil-richest states

List starts at Louisiana at number 10.

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin mining by country, by operating system

India is a solid red of bitcoin enthusiasts.

INFOGRAPHIC: China's tighter grip on gold

Charting China's growing economic power and its firmer embrace of gold.

INFOGRAPHIC: The truth about conflict diamonds

And what can be really done to choose certified conflict-free diamonds.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold losses by region in 2013

When the bottom fell out.

INFROGRAPHIC: How to tell if that silver jewelry is genuine or fake

Quick tips. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community РVisually. Image by DDohler's photostream

INFOGRAPHIC: The commodity supercycle

China makes a lot of stuff.

INFOGRAPHIC: All the gold hues using metal alloys

Mixing it up with copper, silver and gold.

INFOGRAPHIC: The rise and fall of Bitcoin

The trip has been one wild ride

INFOGRAPHIC: Want to work in Canada's resource sector?

Half the demand will have to come from foreign-trained workers.

INFOGRAPHIC: The basics of buying jewellery

This are the main reasons that motivate people to pay sometimes very large sums for luxurious ornaments.