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International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC)

The IMARC 2018 programme covers all aspects of mining, from exploration to investment, production to optimisation through to new technologies.

Nigel Farage to Speak at Mines and Money London

Mines and Money London will be hosting former leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage at this year’s show and will join 200+ speakers including Robert Friedland, Peter Grosskopf and Arron Banks.

IMARC set to exceed industry expectations

IMARC set to exceed industry expectations having confirmed more than 3,500 people to attend – a 40 per cent increase on last year’s attendance.

Yes, the uranium market is bad but remember gold's turn?

"When this market turns it will be a lot of fun again."

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Are Technicals Worth a Damn?

Technicals are just one tool to be used, with sentiment, history, and fundamentals as others.