IRAN Mining News

Iran to transfer yellowcake to uranium conversion facility

The uranium from which the yellowcake was derived was originally extracted from the Saghand mine.

Russia and Iran to revamp Fordow nuclear facility

The Russia-Iran conversations are taking place within the framework of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Tehran’s nuclear program.

2018 feels ripe for ‘big unexpected crisis,’ Eurasia group says

This year could see a geopolitical crisis on the scale of the financial crash a decade ago, Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer says.

Dozens trapped, two killed in Iranian coal mine explosion

The blast took place at a mine located in Iran's northern Golestan province on Wednesday morning.

Iran foresees sharp rise in uranium production

Iran’s nuclear chief says the country will produce about 40 tonnes of uranium this year, more than half the total amount yielded over the preceding years.

New mine in Iran to add 800,000 tonnes of zinc concentrate every year

Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organisation (IMIDRO) signed a $1-billion deal with private investors over the weekend to build the mine.

‘Trump effect’ on resurgent Iranian mining sector close to none — analysts

Any re-instatement of sanctions will, if at all, pose minimal additional hurdles to new investors, BMI Research says.

OPEC's bearish report provides little hope for oil markets

OPEC has released a new market whammy, offering up the cartel’s production figures, which largely jive with figures reported by the IEA.

Resurgent Iran to impact copper, zinc prices through 2020

Report: Lifting of sanctions will spark double digit copper output growth in Iran, home to world's second largest copper mine and largest zinc reserves.

Iran says in talks with Rio, Glencore about copper projects

Iran's national development plan targets production of 2 million tonnes of copper per year by 2025.

India mulls key investment to set iron ore plants in Iran

According to official figures, Iran has now more than $10 billion of investment pledges under its belt.

Iran goes beyond oil — to sign $5.4bn in mining deals with Italy, France

Iran is opening $29 billion of projects to foreign investors now that sanctions have been lifted.

Iran mining bigger opportunity than oil

Iran is opening $29 billion of projects to foreign investors once sanctions are lifted – acquiring new mining equipment and technology is a top priority.

Iran's mines could bring in even more cash than crude

Metals discovered from exploration worth about $700 billion.

Could mining in Iran supplant the country's oil business?

Iran is ranked among 15 major mineral-rich countries with potential reserves worth $770 billion.

Iran, World powers reach ‘historic’ nuclear deal

The agreement ends decades of economic sanctions against Iran, and includes reductions in centrifuges, international inspections.

Iran permission to sell uranium, other nuclear products imminent — report

The potential agreement could resolve a 12-year dispute over Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

Iran brings 13 tons of gold back home after latest round of nuclear talks

The nation has successfully repatriated part of its gold holdings that had been frozen as part a number of sanctions imposed by the U.S. and other global powers over its nuclear program.

Outotec wins iron ore processing contract in Iran

5 million tonnes per annum pellet plant expected to start-up in 2018.

This is what will determine if oil prices go up or down

It appears as if oil prices could be on the verge of a rebound, with new data showing that the U.S. oil patch is hitting an inflection point.

Large coal and iron ore reserves found in Iran: official

Two large coal and iron ore reserves have been discovered in Iran, according to a top official.

Iran opens new gold processing plant to counter sanctions

Iran has opened a new gold-processing facility with the goal of doubling its production of precious metals, media reported over the weekend.

Iran claims right to enrich uranium to 90% level

The nation's nuclear chief also said Teheran plans to build four new nuclear plants with the help of Russia.

Iran said to be exporting more oil than allowed

February’s levels were the highest since the West slapped sanctions on Tehran in June last year, says the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Turkey's gold imports drop 93% in February

Drop attributed to higher gold price, end of gas-for-gold deal with Iran.