Why process one million tonnes of rock to make just 3.8 kilos of iridium?

Michael Allan McCrae | August 3, 2013
iridium periodic table of videos

Unique characteristics.

Letting platinum grains fall through his fingers

Michael Allan McCrae | May 30, 2013
touring Johnson Matthey platinum plant

Inside a Noble Metals factory, where even the dust on your shoes is too valuable to ignore.

Breakfast cereal is an excellent source of iridium

Michael Allan McCrae | February 12, 2013
irdium breakfast cereal two

The second densest element

Aquarius Platinum: 1,000,000 fatality-free shifts at both Kroondal and Everest

Mineweb | March 11, 2011
platinum bars mining

Aquarius Platinum South Africa (Proprietary) Limited ("AQPSA") is pleased to announce that two of its operations have simultaneously achieved one million fatality-free shifts.

The Everest Mine reached this milestone on 1 March 2011 for the first time since commencing operations in 2004, while the Kroondal Mine achieved it once again on 4 March 2011.