Juniors Mining News

StrikePoint grabs historic Porter Idaho silver asset from Skeena

Skeena will receive Cdn$1.75 million in cash plus another Cdn$1.75 million in StrikePoint common shares at a value of Cdn$0.225, based upon the 20-day average price of the stock.

Yukon gold juniors seen as top takeover candidates

Today, we have identified a few Yukon gold juniors that could be targeted for takeover by a bigger gold miner.

Are junior miners going extinct?

For every new company entering the public markets, 15 are leaving.

Gold price rally boosts Canada’s mining sector growth

Strong performance also came on the back of strategic initiatives, such as non-core asset sales, aggressive cost control measures and a disciplined approach in reducing debt.

Market uncertainty pulls Canadian Mining Eye index down in Q3

The Canadian Mining Eye index declined 17% during Q3 2015, compared to a 4% gain in Q2 2015.

Australia’s junior sector turns to crowdfunding

The growing practice consists on soliciting small amounts of money from a large number of people in order to fund a project or venture.

Lost treasures of Quebec waiting to be discovered in the "Eldorado of Canada"

A few weeks ago I shared some information about Golden Hope Mines which is a small company I recently purchased shares in. They have been active in the Beauce Region and have been very successful with their Bellechasse-Timmins Deposit and Champagne zone.

Gold juniors’ strong financials

Extreme declines have led investors and speculators to assume that much of this sector won’t survive lower prevailing gold prices. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Pacific Potash risks mining rights in Brazil over $2.1 million tax debt

This is not the first time the company’s rights for its Amazonas project have been at risk of being revoked for failure of tax payments.

Life hasn’t come back to Canada’s mining sector just yet — report

Mining equities didn’t fare very well in Ernst & Young's most recent Canadian Mining Eye report.

Cherry picking season

Prospecting, whether for precious or base metals, is of course the integral first step in the process of discovery, walking the bush and hammering rocks means boots on the ground.

Life coming back to the global exploration sector

After five consecutive months of decline, global mining exploration began showing signs of life in March, particularly in the gold sector, a new report shows.

Signs of life for mining M&A

Mining transactions almost doubled last year and the trend is likely to stretch over 2015, as lower commodity prices are making some unprofitable.

No end in sight for mining sector gloomy state: report

The first two months of 2015 failed miserably to dispel gloomy market conditions affecting the global mining industry, according to a study published Wednesday.

This area is the ‘future of the mining industry… I’m not interested in anywhere else’ – André Gaumond, Virginia Mines

André Gaumond has led the discoveries of six gold deposits in his career.

Discovery Gold Rush season ends, Klondike Gold Corp’s begins

Popular exploration analyst Brent Cook is not yet convinced Klondike Gold Corp represents a good opportunity.

When junior markets turn most negative in 35 years, guess where financier Carlo Civelli puts his money?

In this interview with The Mining Report, he shares his secret for finding companies that can create value despite challenging market conditions, and he reveals where he is putting his money today.

Struggling Australian junior to grow cannabis in Canada

The move makes of Capital Mining the first ASX-listed, Canada-based company to hold a stake in a licensed marijuana grower.

Why this new gold find interests me as a speculator: Steve Todoruk

A little-known gold exploration company in Turkey is attracting the interest of speculators in the junior resource sector.

Contrarian Steve Palmer's balancing act stretches from Western Canada to the East China Sea

Steve Palmer of AlphaNorth Asset Management has made a career of spotting companies loaded with value, and he tells The Energy Report not only what he looks for, but also where he has found it.

Poor market conditions put major chill on global exploration

Global exploration spending dropped 26% in last year, compared with 2013, as several juniors threw in the towel and producing miners slammed the brakes on capital and exploration expenditure.

European investor Olivier Tielens: In a sideways gold market, explorers offer the most upside

It is a wonderful thing for miners to increase production and cut costs, says private investor Olivier Tielens.

Where is the smart money going in mining? Lawrence Roulston's answer may surprise you

Forget all the doom and gloom you hear about junior miners, says Lawrence Roulston, president of Quintana Resources Capital ULC.

Junior mining investment model on life support

Industry fears too many juniors chasing too few dollars will equal too few new mines.

Video: John Kaiser proposes a new system for financing junior miners

Kaiser believes the easiest way to bolster the sector, which exists to provide capital to find and develop new mines, is to abolish Accredited Investor Exemption rules that currently restrict non-rich people from giving money directly to the treasuries of these companies.