Pollution fighters sue Kennecott over mining dust

Clean air groups are making good on a promise to sue Kennecott Utah Copper over air pollution.

Mormon Church exchanging land with Kennecott

The Mormon Church and Kennecott have agreed to a land swap that includes almost 3,300 acres of church-owned land in west of the Salt Lake International Airport. The deal is not expected to close for several months, but all contingencies have been cleared.

Rio Tinto to Spend $340M for Autoclave Plant

Kennecott Utah Copper announced in mid-April that its parent company, Rio Tinto, will spend $340 million to build a new Molybdenum Autoclave Process (MAP) facility in Magna, Utah, near Salt Lake City.¬†Engineering and Mining Journal […]

Kennecott Utah Copper expands with new molybdenum autoclave facility

Rio Tinto, Kennecott Utah Copper’s (KUC) parent company, will invest $340 million in the construction of a new molybdenum autoclave process (MAP) facility at KUC in Magna, Utah. This will ensure lower-grade molybdenum concentrate is processed more efficiently than through conventional roasters, allow improved metal recovery and operating flexibility, and enable production of metallurgical and [...]

Rio Tinto to invest $270 million in US molybdenum project

Rio Tinto Plc said it is to spend $270 million to construct a new molybdenum processing plant at its Kennecott Utah Copper Bingham Canyon mine in Salt Lake City…more at topix

Kennecott Utah Copper hits new safety milestone

Kennecott Utah Copper (KUC) employees and contractors have worked for more than 107 consecutive days without incurring a Lost-Time Injury (LTI).¬† This equates to more than 2 million consecutive hours worked without a LTI across all of KUC’s facilities.¬† As a substantial contributor to this record, KUC’s Bingham Canyon Mine has separately exceeded over 1 [...]