Kentucky Mining News

Rusal's political comeback powered by "green" aluminium

In April, Rusal landed a major equity and supply deal with Braidy Industries, which is building the first greenfield aluminium rolling mill in the United States in 37 years.

Deal offers hope for miners thrown out of work in W. Kentucky

Nearly 700 coal miners in Western Kentucky are feeling hopeful this week, despite Patriot Coal deciding to permanently shut down the Highland and Dodge Hill mines on Dec. 31.

Up to 700 jobless as Patriot Coal idles mines in western Kentucky

The coal miner, which emerged from bankruptcy only a year ago, had warned earlier this month it might have to make “substantial” job cuts at those facilities.

Patriot Coal issues WARN notices at West Kentucky operations

Patriot Coal Corporation issued WARN Act notices to all employees at the Highland mining complex located near Henderson, Kentucky, and the Dodge Hill mining complex located near Sturgis, Kentucky.

Deep in coal country, many pondering a future without it

The rest of the house is just waking as Scottie Sizemore plops down in a rocking chair on his front porch with a cup of coffee. The sun has yet to crest the ridge above, where mist clings like clouds that couldn’t quite make it over.

Coal central to pivotal Kentucky Senate race

Eastern Kentucky could play a deciding role in a Senate race seen as important to establishing control of the United States Congress in upcoming mid-term elections.

US gas revolution claims first coal mining victim: James River files for bankruptcy

The coal firm was hard hit a steep drop in prices and demand for both thermal and steel-making coal.

US mining fatalities up in 2013, Kentucky tops the list

Kentucky had the most metal/non-metal mining deaths, and West Virgina registered the highest number of coal mining deaths.

Kentucky coal mine where collapse killed two were cited for highwall safety in April

The Courier-Journal reports the Kentucky surface coal mine where two workers were killed on Friday was cited earlier this year over the stability of a highwall. The two workers were employed by a blasting crew and they were trapped in or near their truck by falling rock and earth. Several other miners at the site were injured by falling rock and debris. Armstrong, which began mining operations at Equality in the fall of 2010, utilizes two draglines and the truck-and-shovel mining methods. The mine has been closed pending an investigation.