Keystone XL Mining News

Obama blasts Keystone as U.S. House votes in favour of approving it

Veto likely if passed by Congress.

TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline to cost $8 billion

The price tag for the pipeline has jumped nearly 50% during six years of delays.

Battle over Keystone XL lands before Nebraska Supreme Court

The court’s ruling could force President Obama’s hand in making a final decision whether to green light the stalled project.

New technology could end the debate over pipeline safety

Monitoring, detecting pipeline corrosion still a 'crude' affair.

Keystone pollution may be four times estimates: study

More oil from pipeline means more greenhouse gases.

Opposition, new safety rules to test the oil by rail model

Pipelines, however, have proven to be neither an easier nor a cheaper solution.

US imposes extra conditions for potential approval of Keystone XL pipeline

Decision was based on the discovery of potentially dangerous construction defects, such as bad welds.

Ex-US president Jimmy Carter comes out against Keystone XL

He is first US former president to urge the current administration reject TransCanada's pipeline.

200 arrested at anti-Keystone protests

Protesters strapped themselves to White House gates.

American senators bash Keystone in Washington

Say 'the health impacts of tar sands oil are being ignored.'

Keystone won't 'significantly' increase emissions, US State Department says

Because oil sands development will continue with our without the pipeline.

Support for Keystone waning among Canadians, poll suggests

British Columbia has become Keystone's least supportive region.

Kerry tells ‘Canadian friends’ all efforts are put into giving swift answer on Keystone

However, he also said the Obama administration won’t be rushed into making a decision on the controversial, and long-delayed, $5.4-billion Keystone XL pipeline.

Canada to US: Get us out of Keystone limbo

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told the US Chamber of Commerce that even a 'no' would be better than more delays.

Canada’s oil sands brace for conflict-ridden 2014

Brewing disputes with First Nations, claims of mercury pollution and increasing challenges for delivering oil to distant markets are only some of the issues oil sands producers will face this year.

American oil producer says it doesn't need Keystone pipeline

One of the companies that has signed up to ship crude through Keystone recently told Reuters that the pipeline was "no longer needed."

Keystone XL begins carrying crude ahead of Obama’s final decision on pipeline

The Obama administration began preparing its final review of Keystone XL's northern segment on Monday.

Here's what Canadians think of the oil sands

Slim majority agrees that overall, the benefits of development of the oil sands in Canada outweigh the negatives.

Alberta, B.C. mulling oil transport options in case pipelines never built

Rail to fill the "void" to the West Coast

Canada planning $24-million oil sands advertising counter campaign

It's the costliest ad campaign undertaken in recent years.

Canada must have a ‘Plan B’ in case Obama rejects Keystone: report

Possible scenarios include lawsuits, trade retaliation or simply waiting for a new administration, while maintaining diplomacy and keeping up pressure.

Anti-Keystone billionaire accuses Harper of involvement in US government shutdown

'Have your government [...] communicated with House Republicans about including Keystone in the original litany of demands put to President Obama?' - Tom Steyer to Stephen Harper

No White House decision on Keystone this year – TransCanada Corp.

With review from Department of State not complete, decision will likely come next year.

65% of Americans support Keystone XL, largely ignorant of energy trends – new survey shows

Other results show majority opposes hydraulic fracturing.

TransCanada $12bn west-east pipeline to create 10,000 jobs—report

Report prepared by Deloitte & Touche shows the pipeline could also generate $10 billion in GDP just in the construction phase.