Cameroon involved in Central African 'conflict diamonds' trade — report

Cameroon is allowing conflict diamonds from the Central African Republic to cross over its borders and into the legal supply chain due to poor controls, smuggling and corruption, a new report shows.

Diamond exports ban lifted from Central African Republic

Decision comes three years after the country’s gems were found to be funding armed groups in an inter-religious conflict and placed under embargo.

INFOGRAPHIC: The truth about conflict diamonds

And what can be really done to choose certified conflict-free diamonds.

Kimberley Process is a means to sustainable development, says WDC President to KP Intercessional in Washington DC

President of the World Diamond Council, Eli Izhakoff, opened the Intercessional Meeting of the Kimberley Process on Monday with a speech calling industry members to consider the Kimberly Process as a means to sustainable development.

Kimberley Process executive calls to redefine concept of conflict diamond

Kimberley Process leader Gillian Milovanovic has proposed a new definition of conflict diamonds to include acts of violence during his presentation at the opening of the 8th World Diamond Council (WDC) meeting in Vicenza, Italy.

Blood Diamonds and the Kimberly Process Five Years Later

Diamonds are one of the crystalline forms of carbon, the hardest substance known. The name "diamond" comes from the Greek "adamas," meaning "invincible."  Diamonds were formed billions of years ago, deep within the earth. They […]